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  1. XPbIM3

    Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    I need a feedback from users of ASUS KabyLake+optimus notebooks. (ASUS FX753, GL753, GL502) Who managed to successfully shut off nVidia and have no fan speed issues? Iam able to switch optimus off , but fan goes crazy full on. general desription in this topic: Link
  2. XPbIM3

    El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Thanks! Works like a charm for both a p5q and p6t with vanilla Sierra! Thanks alot!
  3. Reporting symptoms on sse2 (dothan) machine: -it seems that sse3 emu is not working since first release of legacy kernel for SnowLeo. -distorted graphics-safari hangs-openGL and other sse3 software fails. -the most annoying thing: system cannot umount disks successfully. (anyway manual umount from console works.) I don't know if that matters - no HPET in my machine.10.5.8 works almost fine with "avakov" kernel, but no OpenGl sse3 support anyway.I think our older machines needs stable sse3emus, so serious revision of sse3emu code is required, there is something wrong inside.
  4. can i pass my FSB speed and ratio to kernel over boot flags? "busratio"? "busspeed"?
  5. got my eee 900 running with that kernel and it runs fast enough! Great job! but safari and disk utility hangs every time.... this is due to sse3 lack in CPU?
  6. I got a kernel panic installing a vmware 3.0.0-3.0.1 on my vanilla 10.6.2 on aspire one. it panics when vmmon is loading. any solution found previously by anybody?
  7. we already havea binpatched kernel for atom. Anybody to help with binpatching CPUPM? )) or ability to fake CPUID?
  8. Does anybody was lucky enough to run SpeedStep under Intel Atom? Was using VoodooPower for a short period - is seemed to switch states ok for me, but caused late speedup when CPU usage was rising and KP sometimes. Any chance to run native AppleIntelCpuPM? started to digg in DSDT: what that supposed to mean? DefinitionBlock ("DSDT.aml", "DSDT", 1, "ACRSYS", "ACRPRDCT", 0x00000001) { External (NPSS, IntObj) Name (SSDT, Package (0x0C) { "CPU0IST ", 0x3F380C90, 0x0239, "CPU1IST ", 0x3F380F10, 0xD0, "CPU0CST ", 0x3F37FE10, 0x01C7, "CPU1CST ", 0x3F37EF10, 0x83 }) Name (CFGD, 0x013068B1) Name (PDC0, 0x80000000) Name (PDC1, 0x80000000) Name (SDTL, Zero) (already have a list of states, showed by cpu-i or VoodooMonitor)
  9. XPbIM3

    Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    fck! Still having a problem with slow HDD under SL. using a fixed DSDT with KING's changes applied.
  10. XPbIM3

    smbios.plist & mac model

    i am not sure if it is enablead now.... where i can find a list of possible com.apple.boot.plist tags for PCEFI? damn >< sorry for that. the problem was in the wrong absolutely specified path to smbios.plist.... strating form fevice (rd0)... thanx!
  11. Feeling myself like a fool.... got an SL 10.6.1 + netkas PC EFI 10.4.1 + /Extra/smbios.plist + path to it inside com.apple.boot.plist. No smbios.plist overriding during boot...no correct cpu injection by PcEFi even if specified. Am i missing something?
  12. 1. Introduction hello. Some time ago ive been searching for complete guide to install SL on my MoBO without such a trick as "run an installer under leopard from dvd" but nothing clear found, and a was forced to research my own way. So that our goal in that guide is to get SL get working on that board with just one(!) kext inserted. Notice that i've using such a term as "totally vanilla" it DOES NOT means "totally and _smoothly_ works just after guide!". I'll show you how to get SL installed and get work on 100%, but you must be prepared to fine tune your video/sound/AHCI devices by yourself. (since i am not using onboard sond and Jmicron controller - i can not say how to configure them) and one little thing - this guide can be applied to eyery x58 MoBO, and even to p45/43 moBOs with little changes. 2."First thing first"© lets compare our specs to be sure that we talking about one thing: my specs: -P6T SE (p6T , p6T rampage are closely identical) -i7 920 - clean SATA HDD for install and HDD's with my windows/linux/tools....etc -SATA DVD drive -0504 BIOS (0603 by now) -audigy soundcard Bios settings: -AHCI is ON -ACPI 2.0 is ON -hyperthreading is OFF -cores = 1 -C-state = off -a20M = off -eyerything else (cpu-related special features... speedstep,NX...etc) is on onboard J-micron is OFF onboard hidef audio is OFF onboard LAN is OFF Things that we might need: -iDeneb 1.3 DVD -Snow LEo GOLD "snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg" -fakesmcv2 from netkas . org -chameleon RC3 from chameleon . osx86 . hu -i7 bootloader DVd, made by guys from darwinx86 . org the exact link is: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jghnnjyt4vl ....what else? cant remember.... will add later if i missed something)) 3. The Showtime a year ago i was building my first hack-mac and a choised a method with deployment an install dvd to hdd, and then proper boot with bootlader and initrd why not to stick to that one more time but with SL? here is some benefits doing things that way: the installation speed and a chance to renew your install if something goes wrong. lets try: 1)boot from iDeneb 1.3 DVD. 2)Partition your Hdd in GUID(!!!importatnt, ideneb offers MBR by default) with disk tool, i used a four partitions. 3)choose upper kernel fix from kernel fixes list in additional options. Since 10.5.5 vanilla kernel DOES NOT support i7 we must use custom kernel, if not we will get a reboot-loop. 4)install process here.....i was installed deneb to partition number four. 5)first boot..... here is some issues. 5a) boot up with -x -v flags, the boot process is VERY long due to some kernel issues, be patient. 5b)if you got an AppleSetup tool looped do the old trick, boot with -s in single mode, mount root partition and run "touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone" and "passwd root" 6) okay we are inside deneb, deploy your SL dmg to , for example, third partition. 7) reboot with BootCD-Rampage2Gene.iso - it might show some errors during boot, there nothing afraid to.... 8)choose the third partition - where installaiton at - the install process will run(i got even my Nvidia gts250 injected well during process....THX to Netaks's Chameleon!!) ). 4. Another way. if everything I said is to complicated for you try this. The guys from darwinx86 did a good job, so their boot CD contains everything nececary, including kexts for Jmicron and even DSDT! 1)so burn your SL on double sided DVD. 2)put the BootCD-Rampage2Gene.iso into drive and boot it 3)change dvd inside drive from boot DVD to double sided SL dvd. whait some moments for spinup 4)boot! installation process will start. Give it a try... a was using a HDD method, so that a cannot give you a 100% probability that DVD-install will work but I cant see reasons for this method to fail. 5.Post install. 1)install a Chameleon bootloader to Hdd, chameleon. osx86 . hu - the HOWTO is included. (dont be afraid to use dd inside terminal but pay attention) 2)download fakeSMCv2 from www.netkas.org 3)create a extra directory in root of your HDD, create extensions inside this one. 4)if you are lasy, you may just fill those extra directores with stuff from bootDVD, but i advice you to think a bit, and put the things you only need, first of all it is a fakeSMC.kext 5)Dont forget path a DSDT and put one in extra folder. at least aliases must be deleted. (since aliases deleted you may switch ON all cores and HT in bios) 6).....etc 7)update thru update tool to 10.6.1. 6. Things to do -you may use latest pcEFI 10.3 instead of Cham RC3. but cham injected well my Nvidia and EFI does not..... decide it by yourself what to use. -AHCI freezes bug, if you experiencing this go for solution here: www.projectosx . com/forum/index.php?showtopic=564 -(thanx The KING gor that) but i am still having some issues with AHCI((( working on that.... -OpenHaltRestart may be needed for smooth restart. -UUID fix may be needed too -AHCI injectors may be need to solve orange icons. -Name your Mac correctly thru SMbios.plist. - Cham able to inject this name during boot. mine is named macpro4.1 - this is must be close to our specs. -------- (Pay attention, i am now fighting for SL correct work with AHCI and 4.2 Overcloked i7.....but getting some issues. Due to this I am writing this from Win, and cannot be precise in folder naming/placing...etc. so PAY ATTENTION! correct me if a I'm was wrong!)
  13. XPbIM3

    Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    have anybody a latest MacPro DSDT? the one with an i7-like Xeon....attach pls if you do_)
  14. hi there... iv been thinking for a while.... and there is some questions i have: first of all: where can i find a clear documentation or manual about this language used in disassembled DSDT? the second: what information does MacOS looking for in DSDT, what sections or variables or _information_ MUST be inside DSDT? i mean what kind of info(IRQ numbers, memory addresses...eh?) and HOW must it be represented? (an variable and a corresponding value? or how?) third: as i can understand DSDT tables are prepared by apple EFI _during boot_? as just our PC BIOSes do, right?
  15. XPbIM3

    Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    i am keep reading this thread and one big question remains about such a "mysterios" issue: Why on my old good p5q with 10.5.8 the HDD's and DVD'd performance was awesome(without ANY DSDT used, just vanila+ additional kexts, including ich10r fix), on my current p6t SE + ideneb 1.3 + sse kernel without DSDT the performance still awesome.... BUT! with my current p6tse+totaly vanila 10.6.1 +cham rc3 + one(yeah!) fakeSMC2.kext my system shows insane performance, but getting problems accessing secondary HHDs and DVDs. (offcourse i can add an proper DSDT with deleted aliases+HPET patch + add some AHCI injectors, but problem still persists....) How we guys can explain this? Maybe chasing for the irq conflicts inside DSDT is the wrong path? as i can understand ressolving IRQ/IO conflicts is the OS job....or not? anyway.... i am still keep playing with my system....looking for results.... oh.... one little thing: is there anybody with X58 NON asus MoBO experiencing such a problems? is there anybody with x58 ASUS MoBOs , working fine out-of-the-box? (i can give a step-by-step manual for x58 MB's how to instal vanilla 10.6.1 and check HDD performance....anyone needs?)