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  1. Hi guys, I got a Toshiba Satellite C655 and I instantly decided to install iAtkos S3 on it, although I'm installing it on an external hard drive. After various tries, I managed to boot it perfectly, even enable Quartz Composer with OSX86Tools, but it kernel panicked after I installed the Atheros .kext, and since I'm an idiot I didn't save the customize settings I used so I went back to square one. Anyways, now, I'm installing it again, in the beginning it rebooted constantly, now I managed to make it boot to the apple logo, but I get the cross icon above it, here's the log: (the default settings are all marked) 32 bit boot qoopz 10.3 EVO USB AHCI SATA INTEL SATA/IDE JMICRON Voodoo HDA Apple PS/2 bATTERY NTFS-3G Wireless - Atheros -------------------------------------NOPE-------------------------------------- 32 bit boot EVO USB AHCI SATA INTEL SATA/IDE JMICRON Vodoo HDA Apple PS/2 Battery TSC Sync Atheros -------------------------------------NOPE-------------------------------------- 32 bit boot Legacy Logo RTC 32 bit EVO AHCI SATA Voodoo HDA Battery NTFS-3G Atheros -------------------------------------NOPE-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------INSTANT REBOOT-------------------------- 32 bit boot Legacy Logo RTC 32 bit EVO AHCI SATA INTEL SATA/IDE JMICRON Voodoo HDA Apple HDA Battery Apple PS/2 NTFS-3G -------------------------------------NOPE-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------INSTANT REBOOT-------------------------- 32 bit boot Legacy Logo RTC 32 bit AHCI Sata Voodoo HDA Apple HDA Apple PS/2 Battery NTFS-3G -------------------------------------NOPE-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------INSTANT REBOOT-------------------------- RTC qoopz 10.3.0 EVO USB AHCI SATA Voodoo HDA Apple HDA Apple PS/2 Voodoo P-State Battery NTFS-3G ! "-v" indicates that dsdt was not properly patches so I removed 32 bit boot and vanilla RCT -------------------------------------IT BOOTS!---------------------------------- -------------------------------------CROSS LOGO--------------------------------- ----------------------------------------NOPE---------------------------------- Everything booting with busratio=20. I'll now try removing Voodoo P-State. Ok, it works perfectly now Customize: RTC qoopz 10.3.0 EVO USB AHCI SATA Voodoo HDA Apple HDA Apple PS/2 Battery Airport and sound not working. (Atheros option wasn't selected in customize since it gave kernel panics)
  2. Hi, I've been a hackintosh user since long ago, with a successfully Dell XPS M1530 with OSX Leopard. Now, I'm trying with something different, a Desktop and here are my specs: AMD Phenom II X4 955 4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz GA-880GM-UD2H ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Now, I have the Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 SSE2/SSE3 Intel AMD Hazard distro, but everytime I boot from the instalation DVD, it just loads some kexts and reboots. Now, maybe my BIOS settings aren't correct or maybe ,what I fear the most, my build (mainly my motherboard) isn't compatible with OSX. Oh, another thing, if I manage to boot the instalation DVD, which .kexts included in the disk should I install? Thanks.
  3. ¿Cual os cogeriais?

    Ya que estamos en InsanelyMac, una Psystar Open(3) no estaría nada mal, con leopard, 2.5 Ghz Dual Core, 500 G de HDD, GeForce 9400 Gt por 600 dólares. Y aparte tiene soporte multiboot para que le pongas el software que quieras. Y si quieres una laptop, pues una XPS Studio es la mejor opción.
  4. Hi, well I have an iAtkos 5 10.5.5 XPS M1530 PC and I was thinking about updating it to .7. My question is: is there a problem by updating it from Software Update Application? Then, which kext are unusefull after the installation, and which ones should I need, there is a problem with Nvidias 8400 card, and what kext should I use, for sound. If I have a dell 1505 wifi card will still be usefull? That are all my questions thanks
  5. Well here is my virtualization with Crossover, the advantage of this is that instead of installing a whole virtual machine (well, it does BUT) emulates .exe files like a mac application. Here is my iAtkos 5 emulating proyect64 (sixtyforce is a piece of {censored}) but is very unestable. I also have VMWare and I will try now using it with Windows 7
  6. Well I downloaded the ilife 08 and installed it, after the installation everything works fine but in my Garageband I don't have any, or at least any loops and instruments, so I download it form software update, 1g pack, after the download when I'm going to install it it says something like apple signature didn't pass or something. But there's a folder with the same name of the download and with a lot of loops in .caf, so how I putt them in my Garageband?
  7. Great job everyone! I almost have my Hackintosh 100% only the internal mic not working... I've tried your experimental kexts but still no mic. I would like to help, just give me a little explanation about how to get the pins configured (yeah I'm a bit noob) and give me any kext you wanna try. (IF they don't have chances to crash my hackintosh, a LOT of time spent in making it work perfectly)
  8. Problema con Quartz Extreme

    Bueno pues lo que pasa es que tengo una nvidia 8400gs 128mb y pues no la tengo compatible con QE, ya he probado con todos los kexts y me sigue sin servir, alguna recomendación? Aqui tengo una imagen con los kexts que tengo, ya que leí que tenía que borrar algunos pero no se cuales. http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p468/de...ng?t=1242011942 Gracias