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  1. Apple(Don't)Care

    Yeah, that's true, but even when I tried to explain to AppleCare how bad my experience with the AASP, they made no attempt to rectify the problem and weren't particularly interested. I might just try that that, do you have the address handy? I've not seen one about on the site. Well, I'm not really sure how they got in - possibly through the edges at the bezel - but the screen can't have been sealed, like I assume they should be. As for knowing they were there; I sat and watched them wander about and when I tried to brush them off, I couldn't, and realised that they were INSIDE. It was very much like a walking line of dead pixels, I kid you not. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. Apple(Don't)Care

    There didn't appear to be anything wrong when I checked there, but once I got it home I started noticing the things that were wrong. Like I didn't notice the bulged keyboard until I started typing and you don't really think to check screws when you pick something up. The disco screen thing happened the second or third time I turned it on after collecting it so I couldn't have seen that when I picked it up either. But all in all, it was a really shoddy job.
  3. Not sure how many of you have actually bought AppleCare, but of those of you that have; how many of you found it a worthwhile investment? I paid all that money for AppleCare and all I've had is grief, grief and more grief. So far as I can tell, they really don't care. All they want is your money and then they're happy to fob you off with crappy excuses and poor support. I've chronicled my issues on my blog; linked via this digg. I would be ever so grateful if people could digg my article, hopefully Apple will notice how much they fail if this makes front page.
  4. Annoying designs

    My website D:
  5. Something I threw together...

    Well, I'm considering it, but the code is extremely hackish. Extremely hackish. And I don't really want that kind of code floating around with my name on it, heh.
  6. Something I threw together...

    Sound? Coming out of the iPhone? Streaming from iTunes? Through Safari?Well, let's see... Does sound come out the Apple Remote?
  7. Well, I wrote a little script for controlling my iTunes via a web browser long before I knew the iPhone was going to exist. With it's recent release (well mainly the iPod touch's coming release), I decided to make the interface a little more friendly to these amazing devices so I can control my iTunes from my pocket (for extreme laziness). Here's what it looks like, with and without album art available; It took a fair bit of effort to convince iTunes to let me have the artwork, and even more effort to make the reflections, but I think it's worth it overall. Anyways, let me know what you guys think.
  8. Maxxuss, back?

    Seriously, people, what a load of BS. Maxxuss had his reasons to leave and, if he were to come back, he wouldn't come back like this. This is just someones sad little joke. To the people who believe this;