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    I'm interesting in programming, primarily games right now.<br />I want to learn more about Mac OS, so I'm attempting to install Leopard on my Compaq PC.<br /><br />If you think you can help, and are willing, I would REALLY appreciate it if you did.
  1. OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    I have the Acer Aspire One D250, and I used iDeneb 1.6 Lite I have sound (Kinda) Video does NOT seem 100% (I lose the See All Button in System Preferences) SD Card slot functions properly No Ethernet No WiFi No Sleep No WebCam I realize that the D250 and the A150 are different, but I don't know how different so I had to say this. I have gotten creative, and experimental. I've been willing to experiment ever since I got my first PC (Actually built it) I have rescue disks for the Acer (as my daughter has the same PC) so at worst I will have to start over. I bought it used last Wednesday. My PCs have everything I have DL'd (as backups) When I installed Leopard, I gave it about 16 Gigs of HD, and Windows XP got 133 Gigs. Then I installed NTFS Read/Write drivers. and ran Monolingual to give me a little more space. Then with a little patience, I moved the User to the same folders as Windows uses. Now, my desktop, documents, pictures, music and movies are stored in shared directories. With this setup, I have a desktop capable of holding over 100 Gigs worth of flies on BOTH OS. I am making a how-to with the specifics that I will be putting online soon.
  2. I have a DVD called:XxX_10.5.6_Install_Disc_Universal_Final_V2 I was told it has drivers for everything I needs except my built in Video, that is unsure if supported. It crashed during the install, so I used iPC Live, then went and tried to install each package after. I have tried the diskutil repairpermissions /, and have booted with -f. I have seen no change to my system. I have no netwerk. The only drivers that seem to werk are the ones that got installed with iPC The system itself seems stable. I have installed several programs, and have run them just fine. I even downloaded and installed HP drivers for my printer. (First install failed because printer was off, second one was fine)
  3. I have gone in a few times with fdisk and tried to get my PC to boot OSX a few times. Yesterday, I went in and the MBR was gone. I booted my XP install (This machine has Vista, and an IMPORTANT data drive) and fixed the MBR, but when I went back into fdisk, I got an error about /usr/standalone/i386/boot0 is missing. What do I do?
  4. Boot Problems

    I used iPC Live to install onto my AMD based Compaq (Pause for pity...) and I only had the 1 drive on it at the time. I have used the fdisk command, got the right drive, but I can't load the MBR to edit/fix it? I can't boot directly off of it, I can't boot to OS X from my Vista Boot Manager, but I can boot off the iPC Live disk, then use th rd=disk1s1, and that gets old quick. HELP ME!
  5. I have a Compaq SR5710F, and for those that don't know it has an AMD Athlon X2 4450e (Dual Core), 3 Gigs, a 250 Gig SATA HD (Vista), a SATA DVD DL, NVidia GeForce 6150SE, and NVidia netwerking. I have a 200 Gig ATA (NTFS) that I use for data storage and a 60Gig ATA drive added that I want to put Leopard on, it has a 32Gig Fat32 partition, and the rest is unused right now. When I try to add Leopard, it crashes. Both Non-Leopard drives are removed from the BIOS before the install so as to not cause problems. So far, I have had 2 kernel crashes, and most of the attempts (experimented with switches) have caused waiting for root. I want to learn Leopard, if I have to, I will download (again) the OSx86 and make the mods, but I'm not sure exactly which to get. My research has shown me no experience with the equipment I have to reference. If anybody can help me here, Joes_Morgue on Yahoo! Messanger, or JoesMorgue on AIM, I would REALLY appreciate it. I have a DOS background, but its rusty, and I'm not afraid to experiment, and I think I will just use the BIOS boot menu when I want to boot into Leopard for now because my wife & kids know Winders better. Thank you.