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  1. been using FCP since V3. I have a P6T Deluxe( and have tried it on a P6T V2) with a 920 chip, 6 gigs ram, 4870 1gig, and tried it on a 4850 1gig. 250mbps tranfer on 3 raided drives. My problem is that FCP will only use 1 core I.E. 105% out of 800%, when rendering the time line, exporting using Quicktime converter, or exporting with Commpressor to my computer, or a managed or quick cluster. When rendering out useing Commpressor it will show 1 tanscode working at 25%. I have bee serching the blogs for weeks, my only clue is that in Qadmistator it sees the managed node( the hackintosh) as having 8x3ghz with a Unkown prossor.That leads me to beleve that the problem is that the FCP does not know what type of prossor it is. Handbrak will run at 800% so there is no hardware issues. For instantce, say I am render out HD 1080 30fps 45 minuts, the time it takes is ablut 37 housrs,my macbook will render the same file in 12 hours. If I use Qmaster with more than 1 instatnce enabled all but 2 parts of the batch will error out. This is not a Xgrid or Qmaster problem, because if I am rendering the time line, or exporting with Quicktime conversion, it will only use 125-150% of the cores. Plese let me know any kernels that I can modify , or whare Qadminsistrator get the prossor type. If i get info, about my mac it sees the correct prossor.
  2. you will have nothing but problem if you use ati
  3. poofyhair

    Cant use FCP HDV anywhere else

    try installing perian what is the extension?
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    FCP problem

    same here
  5. go into partitions, and partishion the disk with 1 partitions, chage it from current to 1 partition. after that restore, highlite the dmg and chouse restore.