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  1. well guys, I am considering buying another lappy and I wanna get it hackintoshed too... however I've been searching and searching and there is no really good list even for snow leo. so I was thinking... let's make a thread with all successful laptop installations of lion so far. I can revisit the topic periodically and manage something like a list in the first post. should be getting more and more useful as we are getting near the release date.
  2. old dog new tricks... I used software update and updated to 10.6.4... fixed the permissions and rebuilt caches... now right before the point where it should go into the GUI it just says "waiting for a boot device". I am booting from a USB hdd... I even put the USB disk inside the computer and it kept showing the same message. any ideas?
  3. DiskWarrior 4 Patcher for Hackint0sh

    thanks... that's what I did too... vanilla install on an usb drive and ran it from there.
  4. installed snow leo on a 16gb usb stick... ran diskwarrior... skipped step 9 coz it took forever and then some and at the end it crashed... everything works now... still haven't found any corrupted files. p.s. it's insane... you can even run snow leo from a usb stick these days...
  5. DiskWarrior 4 Patcher for Hackint0sh

    any word on how to boot this on a hackintosh ?
  6. I am using a GUID partition... this doesn't have a MBR right ? so it should work out of the box ?
  7. Help with 950GMA Intel Card

    damn... I can't remember but it must be that sleep display solution that's been mentioned so many times on the forum. hope you fixed everything...
  8. chameleon 2 install fails

    haven't been reading the forum for a while. hope you fixed everything... but the answer is yes. I just installed the bootloader from osX86 tools. any luck with your issue ?
  9. I tried repairing with fsck -y but I am getting... bad super block: magic number wrong unable to rebuild b-tree (or something like that) and then it says the disk cannot be repaired. it's retail snow leo install on an external usb drive... updated to 10.6.3. everything was running fine. I am currently downloading diskwarrior boot image and I am going to try booting it using boot123 or something similar... any suggestion? warnings ? I can actually access all files using transmac on windows... so the drive should be clearly repairable (or so I think) all help is greatly appreciated.
  10. That's some good news! Dell Inspiron FTW!!! BTW I am thinking of setting up a small page and uploading all the Dell Inspiron drivers there because many of the link are dead here... What do you think ?
  11. Help with 950GMA Intel Card

    thanks for the link... I got it working using an efi string and the sleep display solution (and just in case I have the expose corner enabled too) and the stock Snow Leopard kexts. also Big... HUGE thanks to TheGreatDeceiver... dude without your posts I would have done nothing if anyone needs detailed instructions... drop me a line and I will create a topic for that laptop model. I am soo happy... even got my external 24" display to work. p.s. dell 640m rulez only that stupid video ruins the experience.
  12. chameleon 2 install fails

    so... after 6 hours straight research... installed chameleon using OSx86 Tools... maybe it had the right bootloader. I haven't slept for ages now
  13. Black screen after installing SL

    maybe a noob question... but where do I need to put com.apple.Boot.plist? /Extra ? is that enough coz I've seen this file all over the place on the pre-boot cds... running snow leopard 10.6.1, chameleon rc2, external usb drive if it matters. everything works except that annoying 950 gma
  14. Ideneb v1.4 on Dell inspiron 640m help

    glad to hear I helped and sorry to hear 10.5.7 didn't work for you. I also hosed my mac os install trying to upgrade and I gave up. I guess you tried... but anyways did you try the hot corner fix/copying back the original 950gma kexts(there are like 5 of them)? actually, I am trying to get a fully working snow leopard installation now. it looks promising... though I did like 5 installs already and probably will need 2-3 more to sort everything out. so if anyone wants to join my efforts... drop a message here because I want to put all the info in one place. please excuse me if there already is a thread like this. currently reading http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1238728 but it's a lot of info and takes time to try everything... p.s. same applies to inspiron 6400 owners
  15. I have used the retail pre-boot method to install Snow Leopard from the DVD. I installed it on an external USB hard drive. Installation failed at the end saying it can't set the start up drive so I am using the pre-boot cd to boot into Snow Leopard. So far so good... However when I try to install chameleon on my hdd it fails. I am not sure what exactly fails because when I try to boot directly from the hdd chameleon appears and after a few seconds it causes a kernel panic (the screen that explains in 50 languages how to shut down your computer?). Any suggestions? thanks in advance.