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  1. I successfully install ML by following Besweeet's guide. However, at the first boot it stucked, last three lines are these: NTFS-fs warning(device /dev/disk0s4, pid139): ntfs_system_inodes_get(): Windows is hibernated. Will not be able to remount read-write. Run chkdsk. ACPI_SMC_ PlatformPlugin: :registeredLPCDriver - failed to locate SMC driver IOEthernetController: Ethernet address 00:21:86: etc. After that line nothing happens. When I hit on enter it just gives a blank line. Harddisk indicater lamp not blinking. It just stopped. I tried different smbios files but no luck. Is thre any suggestion(s) about it?
  2. Thank you very much. It works great on HP DV2999ET Artist Edition. The only problem was about Keyboard and Mouse. Touchpad and Keyboard working normally but Lion does not accept them. And it insists on bluetooth or usb mouse. After installing lion, I had to buy a usb keyboard to skip the welcome screen. In every boot it still looking for keyboard and mouse. Other than that everything working great except WiFi and HDMI output.
  3. iPhone as a wireless adaptor

    My wifi adaptor intel 4965agn not working in mac os x. But I have an iPhone and I wonder that can I use iPhone as a USB wifi adaptor? Connecting wifi by iPhone and give the internet conenction throug usb in mac?
  4. First of all I installed Windows Xp on the whole hard disk drive without partitioning it. After installing Xp, I installed Ubuntu into Windows Xp with the option "Install Inside Windows". In this installation Ubuntu did not partition hard drive and it is installed like a regular xp program. Also you can uninstall Ubuntu from Add/Remove Program from inside Xp. After installing Ubuntu, Xp boot screen shows two opeating systems 1. Windows Xp and 2. Ubuntu. After this step, I partition my one xp partition into three paritions by using Acronis Disk Director Suite. 50 gb as a primary partition and 50 gb as a logical partition. About paritioning, the order is very important. First partition should be reserves for Xp, Second partition should be set as primary partition, third partition should be logical partition. Acronis doing this easiliy. If the logical partiton is placed just after windows Xp Partition this multiple boot wil not work. Summary of partitions; 1. Windows Xp , Primary, Active (NTFS) 2. MacOsX, Primary (FAT32) 3. Windows 7, Logical (NTFS) After doing partitioning I can install MacOSX and Windows 7. Install MacOSX into second partition (I installed it by using iPC 10.5.6), After installing Mac, Xp boot screen is replaced by darwin boot loader. Make sure that Mac is working properly. In Darwin Bootloader select Xp and boot into xp. Using acronis make Xp partition as active and restart computer. In this case darwin boot loader should be replaced by Xp bootloader and there are only two operating sytem should be listed Xp and Ubuntu. Select Xp and boot into Xp. Now, It is time to list MacOS into Xp boot loader. I used chain (you can find it in the attachment). Copy chain into xp partition in this case into C:\chain And modify Xp boot loader. You can access boot loader by right click on my computer, advenced option start up option and modify boot.ini. Add the line c:\chain0="Mac OS X86" at the end of the lines in boot.ini file. If everything is correct, at the boot screen you should see Mac OS X on the list and successfully boot into MacOSX. Finally Windows 7 can be installed. (I used RC1 x64 build 7100). Install windows 7 into logical partition. After installing Windows 7, Xp boot screen will be replaced by Windows 7 boot screen. And all 4 operating systems will be listed in this boot screen. Optionallyi You can costumize Windows 7 boot screen by using Easy BCD from inside of Windows 7. I hope this is detailed enough:)
  5. Hello everybody, I was able to install 4 operation system on my HP DV2700. Here what did I do step by step; I began the installation with 250gb one primary partition; 1. First of all I installed Windows XP 2. Second one I installed Ubuntu with option that "Install Inside Windows". 3. I repartition my hard drive with acronis disk director suite. Ihave 250gb hard drive. I partition 50 gb for MacOsX and make it primary, I partitioned another 50gb for windows 7 x64 as a logical partition. So the rest of the hard drive reserved for Windwos Xp. So my partition table has two primary and one logical partition. 4. I install Mac Os X with iPC 10.5.6 (It works perfectly except WiFi Intel 4965agn) 5. I boot into Windows Xp and make my xp partition as active and use "Chain" for able to boot Mac 6. So far on boot screen windows xp shows 3 options, WinXP, Ubuntu and Mac OS X. 7. Last one was Windows 7. I installed it into logical partition so that Mac partition did not corrupted. Now, I have four operating sytem on my computer. I guess the key point is using Chain and provide second primary partition for MacOsX. Fist primary partiton disk0 and second one disk1 primary. Sorry for my english. I hope this expalins the process clearly.
  6. Quartz Extreme with GeForce 8400M GS

    I have nvidia 8400m gs graphing card on my hp dv2700 et. I tried nvinject and could get quartz and any other functions about my graphing card. I can play need for speed carbon, guitar hero and braid. The problem is the performance. I installed same games in to windows, and i changed the resoultions and got very good performance with same games. For exaple; guitar hero 3 can only work 800x600 resolution in mac but I can play smoothly with 1280x800 resolution in XP. I don't understans the problem the same card but half performance. I know in computer envirenment everything consist of I and O. So the card should work perfectly or not. NVinject.kext.zip
  7. Crunchy Sound

    My laptop has conexant hd 221 sondcard. I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 and it works great except wifi. My problem began after installing updates. After updating to 10.5.4 my soundcard started to work problematically. It sounds crunchy like a disturtion. Especially while playing videos sound is cutting for about every 3 seconds. I did not understand the problem. But I discovered that when I write "update" or "update -v" on the boot screen, It works normally. Is there anybody gets the same problem and do you have any solution. I tried almost every kext file but the issue still continues.
  8. VoodooHDA

    My soundcard is Conexant HD 221 and voodoo is working correctly but only issue is it doesn not automatically switch headphone and speakers. Did you do different installation and what is your soundcard model?
  9. I have exactly the same problem. After installing iwi4965 a new ethernet card is listed in network. It says that the model is 4965 agn so it is wireless card but it seems to be ethernet card. May be I did something wrong. I use netwrok selector but it only lists the wireless netwroks and cannot connect even unsecure ones. I guess a little point is missing in this driver.