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  1. dear glen. You solved this problem?. I have z87 hd3 mobo. but ınstalled 10,9,2 . for 10,9,2 gıve me kexts etc.. please
  2. real racing 2 full save file?

    ı want real racing 2 full finish save data: file name....:character_1.dat. where this file in mac. open your private files(show all files apps). there: lion/users/username/library/application support/com.ea.realracing2.mac.inc/character_1.dat
  3. mountain lion alc 888 sound ?

    thanks. BUt not working. I have apple hda . but works 2 channel output. midi devices i setting aggregate device all output worked. but volume control not worked
  4. Hi, I installed Mountain Lİon DP3 usb method. BUT sound d'ont working. I tried every way. my lion works perfectly my pc. mobo: ga-ep45-ds3l vga: 6850 radeon please help me for m lion sound driver. Best Regards..
  5. i installed my mobo lion gm very vell. i nstalled apple hda kext. my s/l/e work 2 chanel. how work 5,1 channel? . my mobo GA EP45-DS3L ALC888. what am i doing? i need multi channel. i tried this forums. but sound not working or working 2 channel.. please hellp me... i solved my sound voodoo hda 2,7,1 pkg installed...
  6. sony vaio VGN-FW 320J SNOW LEO

    please help meeee....
  7. sony vaio VGN-FW 320J SNOW LEO

    or. what version i install?
  8. my notebook model sony vaio vgn-fw320j i installed snow leopard. after boot have kernel panic please helpme. my model: http://support.vaio.sony.eu/computing/vaio...32J&l=tr_TR
  9. Sony Vaio FW 320 Series

    Hi, sony vaio notebook brand "FW 320j" OSX'in not install any version. very thanks
  10. ahci mod solver

    dear guts.. i nstalled snow leo with empire efi method. but i need boot ahci disable mode. what i am doing? thanks.... note: first hdd:xp-win7-10,5,8 second hdd:snow leo installed.
  11. i installed snow leo retail dvd

    thanks vey..
  12. I installed retail dvd snow leo empire efi method.
  13. why you installed snow leo? my mobo: ga ep45 ds3l i want snow leo. please give me kext,patches,guides thanks..