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  1. I can confirm that this works in Yosemite Public Beta as well! it needs to be in /S/L/E and boot with kext-dev-mode=1 (I'm using Clover as bootloader) Thank you man, saved the day!
  2. If you had modified the previous kexts putting your device id etc in the kexts you probably need to do this again. You probably overwrote the modified kexts with vanilla. It worked for me instantly because I had vanilla geforce kexts and I had a patched DSDT and my card is working with full acceleration. Best way to go is patch your DSDT (and do nothing else), if that doesn't work, use GraphicsEnabler=Yes, if that doesn't work patch the kexts.
  3. Thank you and also YEEEEEEEEAH!!! FINALLY! IT WORKS! Damn it has been so long, this was annoying as hell! So I confirm it fixes the resolution change / mirror mode / hot plug screen problems. (GT 540M) Thank you man! I wish you the best! I suppose its safe to put a [sOLVED] infront of the topic now
  4. Sounds awesome, I will try with my GT 540M and will report back if the issues get fixed I downloaded the drivers, but they refused to be installed. This is what i get: "This computer will not support GeForce or Quadro Mac OS X edition cards." ps. My card is GT 540M fully working via DSDT except the resolution change issue. Any ideas how to force the driver to be installed and skip this check?
  5. Um what? Playing games is irrelevant here, but if it matters to you yes, games play fine in general. Like everyone in this topic, the problem lies when changing resolution and/or plugging/unplugging external monitor. Something crashes and ML most likely has a kernel panic, and the screen gets stuck to light blue color.
  6. Nobody has any info on this? Or any kind of solution? It's really weird. It seems that the problem lies with NVIDIA GT / GTS / GTX 4xx / 5xx cards mobile or not. In my case I have noticed that if I boot ML with the HDMI plugged in (Vaio laptop with GT 540m 1GB) the display works correctly (mirror mode) and no blue screen, however if I try to change resolutions, I get the blue screen. I might be lucky here cause my external hdmi display and my laptop panel have the same resolution (1920x1080) so it doesn't change the resolution if I unplug and re-plug the hdmi later. But still if I boot ML without hdmi connected and try to connect it later, I get blue screen... I really hope that someone figures out what is wrong and maybe provide a fix. Lots of people are suffering from this apparently. My knowledge is limited I don't even know where to begin searching for what causes this problem. Edit: Just to show that everything works correctly with my card, except from this annoyance I even hex-edited the GeForceGLDriver.bundle to enable OpenCL on my card and works beautifully. I also have a patched DSDT and so my GraphicsEnabler is set to No.
  7. Also have the same problem here on a GT 540m (Sony Vaio Laptop) Before I installed Mountain Lion I had Lion working perfectly resolutions were changing without any issues, HDMI and VGA was working with no problems. I have a patched DSTD, using it or not doesn't make a difference. Also GraphicsEnabler = Yes or No also doesn't make a difference. dstd or not graphicsenabler or not the GT 540m is always working perfectly with acceleration but when I try to change resolution or connect a monitor to the HDMI port, I get the blue screen and it gets stuck there forever. Someone has any idea!?!
  8. mkMoSs

    How to Change Lion to 32 Bit Kernel?

    Yes actually I confirm that too. Setting arch=i386 doesn't switch kernel to 32-bit, it still boots at 64-bit mode. Only this: <key>arch</key> <string>i386</string> works
  9. What also worked for me is to install the Realtek kexts from the latest [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] package. Since I had it saved already on disk and I had no network to download anything, I though I would try it, and it worked fine After reboot, Realtek ethernet was working.
  10. mkMoSs

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB works perfectly with EFI string in Boot.plist (Lion 10.7 GM) ps. maybe this is motherboard-specific, i got an ASRock ConRoe945, and I had to install IOPCIFamily and AppleACPI from 10.6.7 otherwise I was getting kernel panics
  11. mkMoSs

    DSMOS has arrived

    Now that I have relaxed ( you can't believe the agony all day trying to make it work) I should also say that I didn't use any enabler, just EFI string for my GF9800 GTX+ and works awesomely (btw I can't believe how smooth the animations are, its mindblowing, never seen anything like it!) Also during the install of Lion, the screen froze and I thought I should reset the PC cause probably it crashed, but then I noticed disk activity. So I let it go even though I had no idea what was happening or what was the installation progress. And finally it restarted by itself and boom I was in Lion! So heads up! If your screen freezes during installation and it seems like it crashed, DON'T reset, observe the leds, if there is disk activity, the installation IS happening and it will auto-restart when it finishes.
  12. mkMoSs

    DSMOS has arrived

    apparently reinstalling ontop of it again, fixes the problem... i also had issues with IOPCI and ACPI but once i installed old versions from 10.6.7, it booted fine i'm in Lion now and seems to work fine
  13. mkMoSs

    DSMOS has arrived

    Yeah but the thing is, I installed Lion over my Snow 10.6.8 installation, I got too many stuff setup in my hackintosh, I dont really want to do a fresh install I guess I will try reinstalling over it again... I will report back what happened.
  14. mkMoSs

    DSMOS has arrived

    I have same problem.... DSMOS has arrived, no panics, it never goes in UI. I got Geforce 9800 GTX+ I tried everything, 64-bit mode, 32-bit mode, GraphicsEnabler Yes or No, with or without NVEnabler, with or without EFI strings in my boot.plist, I got the absolute minimal to boot Lion, FakeSMC, NullCPUPowerManagement. And yes i deleted all extension caches and i boot with -f flag... It never goes in UI. It just waits there... Keyboard is responsive, i can type stuff (when i boot with -v) but nothing else happens... and I dont get any kinds of errors or messages indicative of the problem I was fully working in 10.6.8, and the weird thing is, I was able to boot into Lion 10.7 GM installation and install it just fine! I have the same exact Extensions and same exact Extra folder same exact chameleon that I used to install Lion (which boots with 10.7 kernel) I have no idea what is going on... Any help would be appreciated! Please my head is going to explode!
  15. Nah, unfortunately no luck with the wifi, I bought a USB Dlink DWL-G122 which has drivers included on CD for mac os! Works great on both Leopard and Snow Leopard