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  1. FS: My basically Brand New Setup

    hmm give me a week and you may have a deal.
  2. HP dv6835nr nearly perfect install!

    we have almost the same specs but different laptops. does your s-video out work? if you have one that is...
  3. PCI GeForce 6200

    work in osx 10.5? i mean full supported?
  4. NVidia fx5500 256MB FULLY WORKING!

    well I got it to change resolutions, but no qe/ci its an agp fx5500 card vendor: 0x10de device: 0x0326 revision: 0x00a1 of course it only gives me resolutions up to 1280x1024 but that may just be because of the montior that I have hooked up to it. It loads in post (-v) but then says failed. I have tried removing the AGPart.kext and nothing changes. HELP?!? It's a old dell with sse2. anyone?
  5. Universal GeForce Driver package

    remove them with NV* that should do it.
  6. Universal GeForce Driver package

    alright, using Kalway 10.4.10 with an agp 5500 no go. i can change resolutions, but no qe or ci... no idea why either. its a 256mb card, same as what this is written for, check the kext the device ids are there... any ideas? NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 its an agp card, although its being read as PCI 256 MB nVIDIA (0x10de) device: 0x0326 revision: 0x00a1 resolution: 1280x1024 @60 Hz 32 bit color core: not supported main: yes (duh) quartz: not supported and this is on vga too not dvi. anyone?
  7. How Much for Computer Parts?

    ill give you 20 shipped for the video card.
  8. thinking of selling: c2d mbp

    just gotta ask, who is your employer you lucky sob lol
  9. Apple TV - What we know so far.

    maybe this is just a look into the future of 10.5. maybe you apple has gotten smart and listened to our cries and have made osx pc friendly? since the atv supports sse2 maybe 10.5 will too.
  10. [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    go into your bios and change the video buffer from 1mb to 8 it will fix the grayscale.