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  1. Garrys mod

    OSX version 10.6.4 PR: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz VID: GeForce GTX 285 (1gb) MEM: Corsair 4GB DDR2 (2 x 2GB) ========= Problems: Cursor becomes off, I will be hovering over something in one area, but it will actually be selecting something in another area. Cursor always defaults to the center of the Q menue. I remember the PC version would default to the last selected item (this is my biggest issue, it makes building more of a chore). The Q menue items are grayed out until you hoover over them for the first time. The crosshair shows all dots except the middle rightmost dot. ========== Does anyone else have these issues running it on their HAC?
  2. Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    I just re-installed using: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/04/ibo...ac-os-x-on.html It's pretty much the same as this guide, and worked for me. Hopefully this helps others who used this guide in the past.
  3. Geforce 7x00 series and update to 10.6.3.

    Yeah that was a no go as well. Thanks for trying though. I have a new card now (that I am also struggling to get working), so I guess getting this one to work is no longer relevant for me. I only tested now to see if it worked or not, for others to see. I also had some kexts that I installed for the GTX 285, maybe that is part of the issue, so I don't want to rule that injector out for this particular card, someone else will have to try it again.
  4. Geforce 7x00 series and update to 10.6.3.

    Thanks I will try that when I get home. Back in 10.5 days it was necessary (I think anyways) to flash it to get full QE/CI support on the 512 card, I did, and it worked right away hehe
  5. GeForce 200 series support

    I've installed the latest official GTX285 mac kexts for the card (by extracting them with Pacifist and installing with Kext Helper) And I also generated an EFI HEX string, using this tutorial Currently I have very bad resolution and no QE/CI Do I need an injector? Do I need these kexts at all? People say they have this card running with an EFI string alone. I can't find a tutorial on this anywhere, (believe me, I've been searching for 2 days). I really don't know anymore, and any help would be appreciated.
  6. Geforce 7x00 series and update to 10.6.3.

    Thanks for this post, the files helped to get my full resolution back, but I still do not have QE/CI
  7. Gigabyte NVidia 7600GS

    http://nvinject.free.fr/roms.php Make sure your specific card is supported... I flashed my card using one of these. Also be sure you read the procedure on how its done, you could mess up your card if you don't do it right
  8. Geforce 7x00 series and update to 10.6.3.

    No luck with Nvidia 7600GS 512mb Currently can get in with -x otherwise I get a blue screen. I will see what I can find out and post back here (if I can find anything at all). If anyone has info on these 7X00 cards and 10.6.3 please share, thanks!
  9. Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Hi, I used this guide when SL first came out. It was the only method that worked for me out of the many that I tried. Why is it no longer relevant? Do you have a replacement guide for this one? Thank you.
  10. Talking to myself again, hopefully this helps someone out there... Seems as if the EFI section on my HDD got corrupted while trying to sleep the computer. Each time I had had DiskUtility wipe the disk (while trying to re-install) it would neglect to erase the EFI section. Well I formatted the disk in linux, reinstalled 10.6 retail and here I am again, a working install of 10.6 Not sure if it's possible to fix a messed up EFI section without being able to boot into OSX, maybe someone has insight on this to save anyone else the trouble of having to reformat? It would have been too late for me either way.
  11. Terminal Command Experts, Help

    You need to put an r in front of disk, so it would look like this for you: sudo fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk5s2 Now it will work.
  12. When you type the location of the disk, put an r in front of it, e.g. sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk#s#
  13. So I tried reinstalling the same way I installed the first time and it is no longer wanting to start up, this is odd. Could something have changed after a hard reset that can't be fixed by a complete reinstall? If anyone has ANY insight on this please share. Thank you
  14. I was getting to "DSMOS has arrived" and then it would just freeze. After using the -s option (which I'm not sure what it actually does), it now goes two more lines: NTFS driver 3.0 [Flags: R/W] NTFS volume name Windows, version 3.1. And then freezes. Usng the -x option, It only gets to: com.apple.launced 1 com.apple.launced 1 *** Verbose boot, will log to /dev/console. *** And freezes. These problems only came up after having to hard reset my computer because of a failed sleep Thanks
  15. Chameleon RC3?

    It's what I use, haven't had an issue. I'm not sure if updating an older installation will pose a problem though