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    Trying to install Snow Lepoard on AMD.

    At boot, try using "FSB=200000000" (if your FSB is 200) and "maxmem=4096" (if you have 4GB ram - other values otherwise). Entering these values did the trick for me - I have a Phenom II 955
  2. PLEASE help! I used to have a perfectly working Leopard iAtkos 7 10.5.8 running with my system (shown below), but since I've upgraded my graphics card from a 9800GTX+ to a GTX 460 I'm now in deep {censored}. Leopard no longer picks it up. I've tried to install iAtkos 7 10.5.8 again I can't boot as the graphics card isn't recognised. The -x command works, but there aren't any drivers to install as the supported nvidia drivers are only for Snow Leopard. "So just install Snow Leopard?" I hear you say. Well I've tried to install iAtkos S3 V2 10.6.3 but to no avail. Whatever way I try to install, I either get kernel panics at boot, or the PC shuts down on boot (verbos reads CPU halted). With iAtkos S3 V2 I've tried the Chameleon 2 RC5 boot loader, the AnVal bootloader, the 10.3.0 kernel, the 10.2.0 kernel, etc. When booting, I always enter my correct FSB, Busratio and Maxmem values. The DVD was burned at 4x, my bios is set to AHCI and I'm installing to an internal sata drive - all completely normal stuff. Every distro installs great, but they never boot. Can someone please help me? I could really do with having this system up and running soon - I do a lot of Final Cut Pro at work and would love to use it at home. System: Asus M3N-HT Deluxe AMD Phenom II 955 BE 6Gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 EVGA GTX 460 SE Thanks guys! Much appreciated
  3. Thanks for the help. When you say to update Chameleon, or to try no smbios.plist - how would I go about doing this? Sorry, I'm not really familiar with Chameleon 2's options. EDIT: Just had a look for smbios.plist in the /Extra folder, and it's not there? I've definitely got Chameleon installed...
  4. Update: Just installed Voodoo 9.8.0 and still no luck. Anyone?
  5. Hey, So I've got a working 10.5.8 installation on my HP Pavilion DV6500 AMD laptop. It has 4GB DDR2 RAM and an AMD Turion 64 1.9Ghz TL-58 processor, with an FSB of 200 and a ratio of 9.5. Everything is running gorgeously, apart from this ridiculous 'About This Mac' window! Whenever I click on it, finder crashes and re-launches. I've tried several AppleSMBIOS.kext files, the AppleSMBIOS ToH installer, and I can't seem to get it to work at all. I've used iAtkos7 with the 9.5.0 Voodoo kernel. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  6. UPDATE: Right I've heared that changing the DVI ports on the back of your card will solve this issue. It's something to do with the OS mis-interperating the monitor as a second monitor. A cold boot will freeze on the blue screen, where as a restart will start normally. I'll try this later and will let you guys know.
  7. Hey guys, So I've successfully installed iAtkos 7 OS X 10.5.7 onto an External HD, but I'm having a very strange problem. I've installed the OS perfectly, and everything works great. The only thing is that on every-other boot, it will freeze on a light blue screen (after boot and before log-in). Only happens on every-other though! I mean.. if I turn the PC on, it'll freeze on the light blue screen before log in. Hit the reset button and it'll boot and log in perfectly. Hit the reset button again, it'll freeze on the light blue screen before log in, etc etc. When it actually boots the OS is absolutely flawless! It's just this odd start-up issue. My hardware is as follows: - AMD Phenom II 955 X4 3.2Ghz - 6GB DDR2 800Mhz Ram - GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB - Asus M3N-HT Deluxe 780a Mobo I'm using Chameleon 2 bootloader, the 9.5.0 Kernel, and I've tried several GPU enablers. Just incase it helps, I had to edit com.boot.plist with 'fsb=200000000 maxmem=6144' otherwise I'm in an endless reboot cycle. Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks guys!
  8. audio84

    Overheating with AMD!

    That's not actually what I meant. When the system is running off the battery, the fan speed will raise and lower itself according to what I'm doing, like it should and like it normally does in Windows 7. Plugging it in will cause the fans to shoot to 100%. But, I've found the solution. I tried to fix a crackling sound problem by entering the "idlehalt=0" options into the boot.plist file, and that's what's caused all of these problems. Removing that has made the system a lot cooler, and the fans work a lot better. Weird, but it works. I'm actually typing this on the OS X now, so it's working great, but I'll be taking the laptop apart tomorrow (have done so before so I'm familiar with the process), and will put some fresh thermal paste on. Haven't changed it since I've bought the laptop 3 years ago... :/ Anyway, cheers for the time and help. Much appreciated! - Geraint.
  9. audio84

    Overheating with AMD!

    Actually if I can point something out.. when the laptop is running on the battery, the fan does die down quite a bit, and the heat does calm down a drastic amount. It's not as cool or quiet as it normally is under windows, but it's definitely got some power management when running off the battery. Now if I plug it in and run it off the adapter, the fans start to build up gradually along with the heat, until it gets so hot it turns itself off. Would that give a clue to what's wrong?
  10. audio84

    Overheating with AMD!

    I don't really want to go fiddling around with the insides of the laptop, it runs perfectly with Windows 7 and I plan to keep it that way. The OSX86 is installed to an external HD (plugged into the laptop, it'll start as a mac. Unplugged it'll start as Windows 7), so I'd rather give that a miss. I've heard people with 3800's and TK-55's with no heat problems at all, but I've tried what they did with no avail. Must be something I'm doing wrong.. I'm not using Snow Leopard by the way, it's just Leopard. I'm more than happy with that.. unless you think Snow Leopard would be better for cooling? Couldn't see how though.
  11. audio84

    Overheating with AMD!

    Hi there, I've successfully installed OSX86 (iAtkos v7 10.5.8) onto my HP Pavilion DV6500 laptop. It has an AMD 3800+ (1.9ghz) processor, an 8400m GS nVidia GPU, and 2GB ram. The OS runs absolutely flawlessly and I'm very pleased, except the problem I have with overheating. The processor is extremely hot, and the fan is working at its best to cool the unit down.. except it's already turned itself off 3 times due to the heat. Now I've looked into this and I've done everything I can think of. Deleting Thermo kexts from the Extensions folder (does nothing), installing CoolBook (doesn't read my CPU info), VoodooPower (gives a panic), VoodooPowerMini (doesn't do anything at all), tried booting with cpus=1 (nothing), tried an AMD throttling kext (modified ACPICPUthrottle.kext, still nothing), so I'm starting to run out of ideas. I've tried different graphics kexts to see if it was conflicting but there's no difference when I use different kexts for the gpu. What, the hell, is going on!? The processor does cool down if its running off the battery, but still not as cool as it should be.. but when I plug it in to charge it'll heat up so ridiculous extents. Please help, thank you! Geraint.
  12. Hi all! I'd really appreciate any help you can give here. I've managed to install OSX86 on my Desktop PC with no problems at all. Because of this, I planned to install it onto my HP Pavilion DV6000 AMD laptop.. but I'm coming across a continuous problem. When installing OSX86, the installation will be a success. After restarting the machine for its first boot, it will display the gray apple logo, along with the 'No Smoking Sign'. As far as I know, this means it cannot find the hard drive? I've tried iAtkos 4, iAtkos 7, iPC and LawlessPPC and every one of them has the exact same problem. Great install, but won't boot. Another thing I've noticed that may give you a clue to solving this, is that when I'm selecting the HD to install OSX86 to, it should say something like "disk0s1", right? Well, this one says "disk5s1", and I've no idea how to change the number. Could this be the problem? I've tried booting with "-v" to see the error, and it states the dreaded "Still waiting for root device"... but one or two of the disks also state "FireWire GUID 0000000000000 is invalid". I've also tried booting with the "rd=disk5s1" and "rd=disk0s1" command line, but to no avail. Please help! Thank you! Audio84.
  13. audio84

    BSOD on Vista Boot

    Same here. Changing to AHCI will make any windows installation (as far as I'm aware) blue screen on start up. The only way I can get around it is to keep changing it everytime I want to use either one of the operating systems. Apparently I've heared that you can install a driver on the Windows installation to allow it to start in AHCI mode? Try looking it up!