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  1. Yeah this is Doing my Head in here still!!! .... I managed to get one Codec to post as 885 ... in the About Mac\Audio Listing of wats on the machine ... Then patched it with something else and it changed to 889 .... but it still doesnt list any Mic line input etc .. bits and pieces! Im going to have another go tomorrow & see if I can figure it out ... I downloaded the HexEdit_220.dmg and the Plist editor so hopefully tomorrow I should be able to get it working with alot of trial and error anyone got a script to load .. Configuration into the kext ? ... Big part of the Problem is that were loading all these HDA kext and the Device ID in them is all Wrong ... hence they dont work .. of course! Voodoo HDA sucks ass in that it doesnt show up as the Onboard Sound ... its must run sound via some strange route Cause my dam WAVES plugins ... wont Load with it!!!
  2. OK Cheers for That, I will try this setup when I get home, Let ya know how this goes! WHAT MOBO AND cpu are you running mate ? Also what version of OSX you trying to install ?
  3. I have tried several different kexts but yet no luck with them working... Does anyone know a 889a Kext or other that work with gigabyte boards and can explain which install method worked cheers!!? Having Mad problems with no onboard sound Am not able to get my waves plugs working without proper onoboard sound working!!! Any help much appreciated.
  4. Here is what AU authorizer Error gives me ... validating Audio Unit AudioTrack (m) by Waves: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * AU Validation Tool Version: 1.2.1b3 Copyright 2003-2007, Apple, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Specify -h (-help) for command options * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * -------------------------------------------------- VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: 'aufx' - 'STAM' - 'ksWV' -------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer String: Waves AudioUnit name: AudioTrack (m) Component Info: SubComponentDescription> <SubComponentType Name="AudioTrack Component Version: 6.0.7 (0x60007) Component's Bundle Version: 6.0.7 * * PASS -------------------------------------------------- TESTING OPEN TIMES: COLD: FATAL ERROR: OpenAComponent: result: -10875,0xFFFFD585 validation result: couldn't be opened updating properties of AU AudioTrack (m) by Waves...FAILED!
  5. Ok so I built up my new Machine and installed with Iatkos v7, EX58-UD3R, i7 920, booting off Chameleon 2, I went with the Vanilla Kernel, Got OSX to boot fine apart from a Resolution Glitch, That means I have to restart once Res changes. Usual story with Waves, Loaded Logic fine, And Installing waves plugs, and the AU Authorization doesn't detect the ILOK .. but Ilok shows up as connected on the USB's. AU just goes through Validation and that Passes but then has some error and Says cant be opened ? Im wondering if anyone else had this problem before ? Im thinking about trying the voodoo 9.7.0 kernel .. to see if that makes any difference, or perhaps the CARDbus driver? If anyone out there has waves working on recently installed Hackintosh, please let me know what kernel and any extra drivers you used as this may help me to fix the bug Thanks VAD3R
  6. HI there Badaxe2 & guys, I successfully installed my system, Iatkos V7, Chameleon v2 I7 920, EX58 - UD3R Patriot Dominator ram 1600 - 6GB DDR3 EVGZ 9800 GX2 ( installed via NV dvi/dvi and NATIT Driver ) shows up correct in About mac as 2 separate GX2 cards! 500Gb seagate Drive sound works ok, but driver shows as Unknown. 1. When I Change resolution on my Display .. the kernel changes the resolution then crashes, once i reboot its ok! Is this because the display is set wrong, or is this more of a Video card issue ? 2. In the About Mac it shows up as a MAC pro 2.1 ... not 4.1 ??? bus speed is running 550 mhz ? and ram is running at 667 mhz .... Any ideas on how to get the Fsb up maybe to 800 or more ? Also would be nice to get the ram running at about 1066 at least ? is this possible to boost ? cheers for any Ideas ? Also any other sound drivers that work better for ALC888 ? cheers for your replies :pirate2:
  7. Hey Zorro, I see you installed mate, How did it go was it ok? You changed the Board you were going to Use, How come? Was it cheaper or easier to install? Thanx Vad3r!
  8. iLok problem

    Mbida45 Please tell me how to Authorise my ILOK on another Machine? As Mine Used to recognise but does not now in LOGIC ... WAVES Plugs just will Not open!!!! ILOK working fine on My macbookPro ... but not working on HPro .. ??? Anyone Know Of a Solution, cheers, need all the Help I can Get or i Will Have to try Reinstall and see if that fixes The Problem, and that will take Days to Sort to reload all my Plugins! cheers for Helping V1
  9. ideneb v1.3 admin/password problem

    Big Thanks for the Above Post, took a bit of trying but i managed to get the Password to reset finally from the root# prompt at startup!!! Was a close call I tried running the 10.5.5 combo update which crashed halfway , but thank the Gods I had Burned IDENEB 10.5.5 to a DVD and then installed over my now crashed 10.5.3 Version! A couple of bugs to fix still like shutdown etc etc, but hey she is going!!! Next Up BUILD an I7 cpu HACK-PRO and Kick some ass in Logic with that Beast!