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  1. Sony Vaio SZ160 or MacBook Pro?

    Did your keyboard and trackpad work right away with the Jas install? Or did you have to edit the /etc/rc file?
  2. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    I managed to install the driver, but it unfortunately did not work on my VAIO S360's Alps widescreen trackpad. I may have to try again though because I am not sure whether I did it correctly. The FF option appeared in the system preferences but I was unable to load it. When i finish my next install, i'll try it again.
  3. OS X on a Sony Vaio

    What type of VAIO did you have? I'm curious what series it was.
  4. OS X on a Sony Vaio

    The 10.4.6 install worked on my Sony VAIO S360. It was fairly straightforward compared to the original install in 10.4.1. The only drawback so far has been an inability to get the ALPS trackpad to work, the sound (only comes out of line-out), and the lack of wireless drivers (which can be solved by PCMCIA or a new miniPCI card). Otherwise with the OMNI ATI drivers, the notebook is almost perfect. I say, give it a try! A number of VAIO users have also had problems getting the trackpad working, so maybe we can pool our ideas together here and get that working.
  5. Diebold (and voting)

    I can see how that would be a problem with hybrid postal/polling as the system. It seems like from my look at the UK's experiment with postal voting, it seems to be generally well received. In the UK system, approximately 15% of voting occurs by post (http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/media-centre/newsreleasecorporate.cfm/news/426). However, the Oregon plan just makes it so that the ONLY alternative is postal voting. Several US states such as WA, and HI are considering measures to permit vote-by-mail as an option. Even our friends in Canada have the choice of vote-by-mail (http://www.canadapost.ca/business/offerings/vote_by_mail/can/about_faqs-e.asp). With the problems of electronic voting leaving a salty taste in voters mouths the last two elections, why not consider a low cost alternative that the public seems to approve of? It is better than the current system we are moving toward.
  6. What type of trackpad/touchpad are you using on your Acer notebook? I'm using an ALPS widescreen trackpad for vaio through the PS/2 port. Its odd, it worked in 10.4.1, but does not work at all in 10.4.3+ So, i'm sticking with 10.4.6 and hoping to find a way to get the trackpad to be recognized. Any other Sony VAIO S series (SZ excluded, sorry different chipsets etc.) want to help get trackpad support?
  7. Notebook Keyboard OS X 10.4.5

    Do the kextcaches rebuild themselves upon deleting them? I have used the rm command to remove them, but I always then did kextcache -r or something like that to rebuild afterward. Assuming I just reboot, will that automatically rebuild them?
  8. Notebook Keyboard OS X 10.4.5

    I know how to repair the permissions overall using disk utility (Which was unsuccessful), but what is the terminal command for the specific kext file (I think I tried that, but I'll try it again)? this file being ApplePS2Trackpad.kext right?
  9. Diebold (and voting)

    Rather than rely on faulty electronic voting, consider a less expensive alternative which actually increases turnout. In 1998, Oregon voted for a vote-by-mail system for all future elections. In the 2004 election, Oregon led the nation with an 80+% turnout. Citizens like it, and it has not been challenged as unconstitutional or possibly corrupt. This method is less expensive than electronic voting, reduces the potential for hacking the process, and decentralizes the power of the vote away from private corporations with an agenda. Issues? Questions?
  10. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    PHB, Do you have a paypal account setup? You have made an awesome driver for those with ALPS trackpad problems. Could you be induced into adding VAIO touchpad compatibility to your driver, because I would be willing to donate to any paypal account for your work, as I'm sure other VAIO notebook users would also. If you are too busy at this time, I understand, however I hope you consider adding VAIO notebook support to your already wonderful driver.
  11. Laptop problems

    We need to work on this together, because on our own it appears that it will be difficult to figure out. Have you tried the hacked ps2trackpad option? Have you tried the older ps2trackpad.kext file from 10.4.3? I've tried modifying and attempting to load the current ps2trackpad files without success. I'm going to keep trying though because 1. i have plenty of time and 2. i want to get this to work #%#@^%.. because I have just about everything else working except the ALPS touchpad/trackpad and wireless.
  12. Installation ran into blank screen

    Which VAIO notebook are you installing to?
  13. Lets talk about some more solutions then. We have a large number of people who have the same problem. What has everyone tried to get the trackpad to work? I've tried loading the modified PS2_Controller.kext, which I believe worked temporarily, but later stopped. Has anyone with a VAIO notebook had success loading BOTH the trackpad and keyboard in 10.4.3+?
  14. Notebook Keyboard OS X 10.4.5

    Cyclonefr, which Vaio model are you using? I'm using an S360, and I'm trying to get the mouse trackpad to work in 10.4.6. it worked momentarily, but after trying to install an older version of callisto last week, upon rebooting, it stopped working. I was interested in what other Vaio users have found to get their trackpad working in 10.4.6. Your trackpad can likely work, as did mine for that short period, it just requires some homework and some ingenuity. I'm in the same boat as you, and I hope to get the trackpad working soon. I had it working, but something got messed up somehow, so I hope that provides some solace.
  15. advice on my Vaio SZ1VP

    What install disk did you use for your S3XP? I used the JAS 10.4.6 disc, and keyboard and trackpad use were not functioning upon install. Also, thats pretty cool you got the truemobile working, are you still able to control whether it turns on or off with the switch on the notebook?