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  1. Hi, I have a CRT monitor hooked up to my hackintosh and it squashes the image at the top and bottom. If I move a window to the top, the close/minimize/maximize buttons go elliptical but in the middle of the screen they are fine. Anyone have this problem before? Thanks, Aaron.
  2. Hey all, I added my ID into the Intel PRO/100 VE kext and as soon as I repaired permissions and touched the Extensions folder using OSX86Tools the "new network interface" dialog came up and I got connected. I went to system updates and chose to download all the stuff that I use, no system updates or security fixes, then went and downloaded Growl, NTFS-3G, an update for Adium, and when NTFS-3G finished installing I accidentally clicked "Reboot" without reading it (thinking it was "Close"), system updates installed the two things that it managed to download (safari and quicktime i think), once it rebooted I went to finish upodating and it told me i had no network connection. So i go to network preferences and sure enough, Ethernet shows "Unplugged cable" and I can't even select it in the add new interface menu. Anyone know what happened? I was so happy to finally have it working because I can't stand Windows, but now it's broken again Any help appreciated, Aaron.
  3. Hey all I have a computer with an Intel D945PLM desktop mainboard with the Intel PRO 100 VE Ethernet NIC and I can't seem to make it work, I have tried all of the fixes in the sticky thread but nothing has worked. I have put my identifier in and changed the kexts to older ones, everything.. Has anyone got this motherboard's NIC to work with Leopard? Thanks, Aaron.
  4. My Dump Hackintosh needs a new case

    I'm one of those people that regularly visits the dump to look for good stuff that I can give a new home Even if I don't need it, I take it for parts, much to the dismay of my mum "Oh god more {censored} from the dump, you know it's just going to end up back there when you go back to school" Aaron
  5. My Dump Hackintosh needs a new case

    @wayonflinn that APEX TX-381-C is great, but I don't think newegg ships to Aus. Even if they did I'd pay more shipping than the whole computer is worth I'll have a look around in some Aus PC parts shops. @sweatyone I thought of doing that, we have heaps of milk crates laying around. They have great ventilation but they're just a bit too big :S BTW I got sound working using voodooHDA.kext It's so great having everything compatible Tried running OS X Leopard on my Toshiba Portege m200, the two things I just couldn't get working were nVidia drivers ( GeForce FX Go5200 ) and the WiFi. Aaron
  6. So the other day me and my mate went for a spin in his new ute to the local dump ( or tip ) to check out what people were throwing out, I saw a PC tower atop a smoking pile of dirt and decided to go take a look to see if it was in working condition, with no shoes on I might add I went to grab it and it was a bit hot, so I picked up some piece of something ( an old towel maybe? ) to help pull the tower from the heap, got it off and had a look at it. Some bits of the case were fairly melted and some of the cabling was black and almost melted, it also smelled like a dead burnt wallaby, but i decided to throw it in the back of the ute anyway because there was some good case fans and a cool CPU fan in it. Anyway after riding home with my loot on the handlebars I found an old power cable and plugged it in to see if it actually worked. I flipped the switch on the PSU and all the fans started spinning and I heard a familiar POST beep, a few seconds later I heard the SATA drive trying to spin up, but failing. The sun was going down and I wasn't taking the dead burnt wallaby smell in the house so I left the computer in the laundry for the night. In the morning I had another look at it and later called my mum asking her to bring home an old CRT monitor, an old IDE hard drive and some industrial contact cleaner from work ( I knew it was all there, I spend a lot of time working for my parents ). When I got all the gear that I needed I hooked the monitor up to the tower, got a USB keyboard and mouse out of my room, got a better hard drive out of my old external enclosure and booted the beast. Sweet, it shows the Intel POST screen and tells me there is no boot media, so i throw in a Kalyway OS X 10.5.2 DVD that I had in my suitcase and installed works a treat, except for audio, still working on getting the STAC 9221 A1 working with OS X. TL;DR found a PC at the dump and it worked, installed OS X. Now all I need to do is find a new case for it, preferably very compact because I want to take it to school, and the one it has now smells like absolute sheit and is melted in some places I've thought of making one out of perspex, don't know how much that would cost, but a see-through hackintosh would be super cool, neon power and HDD activity lights all the way Any suggestions? It has to be cheap, as you can tell Aaron EDIT: Forgot the specs lol CBF booting it right now but off the top of my head: Intel D945PLM mobo Intel Celeron D ~2.7GHz ( fastest computer I've ever owned lol ) 512MB DDR2 DIMM SDRAM ( plan on upgrading to 1GB ) Intel 945P Chipset ( can't remember the video chipset ) 40GB IDE HDD ( temporary, bought a SATA-2 80GB on eBay for $35 for it )
  7. Show Your Connection Speed!

    GOD it's horrible.. T3 at school though and thank balls for Tor for getting past the stupid filtering system. Getting 8Mbps uplink at home soon, when Telstra's incompetent tech support fixes what some retard totally screwed up on our account the first time we tried changing plans. Many Aussies will agree that Telstra is utter {censored}.
  8. bump.. Can anyone upload the kexts from Kalyway 10.5.2 or 10.4.x to megashares please?
  9. what's your D/L Speed?

    lol my 25KB/sec isn't on there. I hate Telstra. I have a pre-paid wireless stick too but it's only 550Kbps - 1.5Mbps. That's 55KB/s - 150KB/s download speeds.
  10. Hey Geniuses, I need some help getting OSX86 to run on my laptop. I have Leo4Allv3 10.5.2. Pentium M Banias 1.7GHz Intel 855 Chipset. 1GB RAM nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 32MB 120GB PATA IDE I installed OS X onto my drive via USB using a friend's laptop, got it working fine on that one. Had to change the ACPI and APCI kexts to get past "MAC Framework successfully initialized" hang. Now I'm getting the dreaded "still waiting for root device" {censored}. I'm pretty sure I just need to use Kalyway but I can't download it for another few months because I am in boarding school. I had it 75% downloaded from vip-file.com the other night when the internet cut out, thought I'd just finish it in the morning, only to find out the IT dude blocked vip-file.com early that morning. Pretty pissed at that. I have my own wireless broadband connection but since I'm with Telstra it'll cost an arm and a leg the stingy pieces of sh.it. I'm hoping all I need is some kexts to make this work. I've tried rd=disk0s4 etc. etc. to no avail. TL;DR Think I need some Kalyway kexts. Aaron.
  11. Whats does your desktop look like?

    My Xubuntu+Compiz+Emerald laptop desktop