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  1. Hello Forum, I have a pair of Presonus Eris 4.5 speakers for my hack. I am very happy with the vibes. But they need some lows. So i purchased an active subwoofer. I have managed to create an aggregate device with 5.1 sounds. My sound card is realtek alc1150. With aggregated device i can use sub/center port of my hack. So far so good. Unfortunately i generally listen spotify the source is stereo. So there is no bass from sub port. If i listen 5.1 dolby, dts music or movie it works great. Is there anyway to get 2+1 sound from my hack? I can get only 2 speaker support. If i add a y splitter cable to my stereo jack i can get some bass but it is not a proper way i think. Dirty solution. Anyone? Thanks
  2. It is hard to say. Need to try. But for me it didn't work. Educated guesses will be your friend...
  3. If you have a x99 motherboard + 5960x processor, you can try! Of course this topic is specifically for 5960x + Asus X99-E WS. (SSDT + Bios Settings + VoodooTSCSync.kext (you have to adjust your own)) Good luck
  4. You are welcome FrankPaulThe2nd! I am happy to hear that my guide helped you. Happy hackintoshes!
  5. I am seeing 0.58W to 0.80W,0.90W depending load. Cpu is moving between 1.2GHZ to 3.80GHZ
  6. @smak0 I think it is best to create a new thread! Thanks
  7. Thank you for letting me know fabiosun! Actually my rig is working flawlessly so far! My geekbench scores are similiar with Yosemite but OS is really snappier than Yosemite. I have just realized that sleep is working too! Wakes from sleep without problem. I will try to refine my Clover config list as you recommend, in my spare time. Of course i dont want to break my working OS. All the best
  8. Hi fabiosun, Thanks for reply, Yes i have generated with pikeralpha script without any error. If i remember correctly in my first try i got 1 error about my processor name or id then i tried with my processor name or id with success. I think smak01 is succesfully installed Sierra with my config. Check this post please. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/316953-el-capitan-10116-install-5960x-with-asus-x99-e-ws/?do=findComment&comment=2308213 Please let me know about unuseful flags in my ACPI so i will try to correct. I would like to repeat, i am not an expert, just a workstation user with some know-how. Any help will be appreciated! So i and other people with same rig will be able to use same config for future OS's
  9. My titan-x plugged into PCIEX16-3. Top 3rd port.
  10. I use 2,5 inch SSD drives.
  11. What is your graphic card? Try to boot with adding -x to the current config on clover boot. If problem still exist you can try to add PCIRootUID=0 or 1. Or try to disable IOBluetoothFamily.kext on clover; While booting choose Clover -> Options -> System Parameters -> Block Kext —> Just write this "IOBluetoothFamily.kext" I dont know if you have to add .kext extension try with both to be sure.... I hope it helps.
  12. Can you post your config.plist Do you have Asus x99-E WS or Asus X99-E WS 3.1? By the way i see slide=0 boot flag in your video. Normally i didn't use it...
  13. Finally done Allan, but i have added extra usb ports to my case, so it is not a stock Asus X99-E WS SSDT-USB. It was hard to understand, but i decided to go windows and used a program "usbtreeview", which shows all about usb ports. I tested all my ports with both a usb2.0 and 3.0 flash drive. (plugged and unplugged to every port) I will share these files from windows too. All acpi info is matching with windows10. With the help of Connection Flags like 0x00 or 0x03 (255 and 3), i added easily to my ssdt. Right now it is working nicely. Of course i removed my 15 port limit from KextstoPatch in clover. My total ports were 16 and excluded 1 of them with boot flag uia_exclude=SSP1. By the way in my guide there was a DSDT patch which is XHCI to XH01 find 58484349 replace 58483031 i replaced it with XHCI to XHC_ find 58484349 replace 5848435F Here is final look from IORegistryExplorer SSDT.zip ACPI_From_Windows10.zip
  14. I have found some problems, please give me a little time! It is a time consuming process. I think i misunderstood USB connector types. 0,3,255 etc...
  15. I have succesfully removed "AppleUSBXHCIPCI - Patch 15 Port limit" with custom SSDT-USB.aml. Internal external drive problem is only exist with an external usb3 hub! So most of people will ignore this problem... I will update my guide when i done!