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  1. hi guys i have this old sound card Creative SB AudioPCI 64V Sound Card PCI and i can't make my mac to support
  2. i have gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2H and athlon x2 5000 this motherboard has a built in ati radeon AMD 740G Chipset which is read as Device Description ATI Radeon 2100 Graphics is there any help or there is no hope
  3. i have a sata hdd and it can't be found and a massage say waiting for root device and the set up doesn't continue
  4. i have a sata hdd which is read master 2 and a sata dvd read slave 3 and there is a stop sign in the mac beginning screen
  5. i need help from a pro i have an integrated VGA card it's ati radeon 740g 2100 hd in a gama74gm s2h motherboard which runs amd athlon x2 i'd be grateful if you guide me to a solution or a version that could identify it
  6. i have a built-in ati radeon in my gigabyte mb AMD 740G Chipset The brand new AMD 740G chipset features ATI Radeon™ HD 2100-based graphics architecture. This unique combination of Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) creates a single motherboard featuring a world-class DX9, Pixel Shader 2.0, ATI Avivo Technology, ATI SurroundView™ Technology for faster and smoother game-play, a high quality video processing engine for advance quality of video and DVD playback. it's not recognized is there any kext or driver for it
  7. thank you and i will try at once
  8. i need to know what is the best mac os x copy for athlon x2 5000 dual core processor gigabyte ga74gm s2h hdd wd 320 sata dvd wr sata 2 gigs ram 800 kingstone
  9. i have athlon x2 processor and gigbyte g4ma74gm s2h and i installed the mac in about 3 hours and after that it is very slow and nearly don't work at all and i have no sound as well what should i do guys?????????
  10. i already tried that but no use i have an ide dvd rw and it is red slave 0
  11. i have amd athlon x2 5000 processor and gigabyte ga ma74gm s2h motherboard i can't make the sata hard drive to be read as master 0 so i couldn't install mac leopard 10.5.5 as u said that the drive must be master 0 and it is read as master 2 what is the solution guys