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  1. do i have to do all the steps? i only need for it to work on an MBR partition, ill then used Digital_Dreamer's script and install the DVD
  2. iDeneb 1.6 panic! during installation

    tried mach_970 and mach_toh both works cept for anv, but it still holds the same problem, what other flags can i try with this one? my system: i7 920 Gigabyte extreme 3x1gb ram
  3. iDeneb 1.6 panic! during installation

    about a couple of minutes at "calculating remaining install time" it panics, set to AHCI and all that. And before i am to boot into the DVD i have to "busratio=20"(which i think is because it uses a darwin 9.5?) flag it which is weird since the latter 1.4 works fine without any flags :\ help?
  4. is this normal?

    core features 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 doesnt support all features, QE/CI and res change working.
  5. MBR quad-boot.. how do you do this?(osx on MBR) im currently setup as MBR and i want to have as much knowledge as possible before i proceed, i dont want messing up anymore and doing it all over again
  6. hi ive successfully installed my 10.5.6 and everything seems to be working the sound and everything, but im not sure if my RAM is performing as it should be here's a screenshot my ram is a Corsair XMS3 1333mhz
  7. cant boot to osx

    this is my first time on installing osx and ive never used a mac before and im still a bit confused, but i managed to install it to my new HDD which i set to MBR and formatted as osx extended journaled, and the only thing i ticked in the customize were applications, everything was fine, but when i boot to osx it just restarts, tried cpus=1 -f -v -x with a busratio=20 it then shows text and stuff then it restarts, what step will i take next? or what is the reason that does this? pls help im using a: ideneb v1.4 10.5.6 (using default kernel which is vanilla 9.6) corei7 920 Gigabyte x58 extreme 3x1gb 1 1tb hd 1 80gb hd 4870x2