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    Mac OS 8.0

    Sorry, can't do it. I thought that disc is useless so I gave away to a local library long time ago.
  2. dukeguy

    Mac OS 8.0

    I think I need to explain a little bit more: 1. I used to be a Power Computing user with Mac OS 7.6. Power Computing used the kind of monitor with VGA which can both use for windows and Mac. So my Mac can hook to any windows monitor. But there is no response from my current windows monitors. 2. I used to play Duke Nukem atomic edition and Marathon on the Mac. During the time, Mac OS with Quick time software produced much better images than windows. Although I do have Duke Nukem 3D for windows/DOS but the graphics are just awful. I just hope that you may be able to shed some light into it. I do not plan to buy any Mac monitor right now.
  3. dukeguy

    Mac OS 8.0

    I have an old computer with Mac OS 8.0 on it. I like to be able to play some old games such as Duke Nukem atomic edition and Marathon ... But unfortunately, my monitor does not take it, since I currently a windows user. I am not sure what to do. I used to be able to use a monitor for both Mac and windows. Need some help from Mac experts.