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    Bertolin! Great find! Never would have thought to try any of this. I just popped in to see if anyone was chattering about the new MobileStudio Pro getting hacked and I see this gem! I can confirm that this works. If I connect my wacom link cable, then place my CC2 in sleep mode, I can either disconnect the cable and perfectly wake the CC2, or I can also put it into Cintiq Mode, and then disconnect when ready for another perfect wake with everything working. I think that you are correct in a later past than the one I am quoting about it has something to do with the wifi hardware. If I use the Wacom Link cable option to wake it from sleep, it wakes fine with the following console logs: 12/10/16 1:01:13.000 PM kernel[0]: Wake reason: PWRB XHC (User) <--- Strange part to me that both wake reasons are PWRB XHC (User) 12/10/16 1:01:13.000 PM kernel[0]: The USB device HubDevice (Port 1 of Hub at 0x1d000000) may have caused a wake by issuing a remote wakeup (2) 12/10/16 1:01:13.000 PM kernel[0]: The USB device MiscellaneousDevice (Port 5 of Hub at 0x1d100000) may have caused a wake by being disconnected 12/10/16 1:01:13.000 PM kernel[0]: The USB device BCM20702A0 (Port 7 of Hub at 0x1d100000) may have caused a wake by issuing a remote wakeup (3) 12/10/16 1:01:13.000 PM kernel[0]: ARPT: 5330.703898: AirPort_Brcm43xx::powerChange: System Wake - Full Wake/ Dark Wake / Maintenance wake With no cable connected and a power button wake, I see this, without the line about the Airport card: 12/10/16 1:05:57.000 PM kernel[0]: Wake reason: PWRB XHC (User) <--- Strange part to me that both wake reasons are PWRB XHC (User) 12/10/16 1:05:57.000 PM kernel[0]: The USB device HubDevice (Port 1 of Hub at 0x1d000000) may have caused a wake by issuing a remote wakeup (2) 12/10/16 1:05:57.000 PM kernel[0]: The USB device MiscellaneousDevice (Port 5 of Hub at 0x1d100000) may have caused a wake by being disconnected 12/10/16 1:05:57.000 PM kernel[0]: The USB device BCM20702A0 (Port 7 of Hub at 0x1d100000) may have caused a wake by issuing a remote wakeup (3) ...Then poof, system crash, force restart, no further logs. I can't tell you all how many hours I've put into figuring out this sleep thing in hopes I could pop back up in this thread with a solution for everyone. Really good find on a great clue into this, Bertolin! I gave up months ago, but now I'm inspired to go back to work on this again

    Hey there SoerenL, That RAM stick that you posted the link for will work fine. For Wifi, we found this one to be compatible (and economical) https://partstore.com/Part/Lenovo/Lenovo/20200480/Refurbished.aspx. Wacom changed their wifi card and connection to the NGFF standard, which limits your options on what wifi card you can use. But that link will work for you. Be sure to read Mactabletman's instructions and download his installation pack. There is a particular kext that you need from Rehabman to make the Wifi card work. As far as not breaking anything when trying to get the black caps off the bottom to open the CC2 up, Mactabletman outlines the disassembly and how to approach it in his blog: http://thinkinginteraflops.blogspot.com Reading the blog, looking at the pictures and heeding the warning is still not going to prepare you to perfectly execute getting those caps off the bottom, which is by far the toughest part. I followed it as well as I could and listened to the advice on how to pry the smaller caps off and I also busted the clips. They're a pain in the arse and glued down as well as clipped in, which makes it harder to cleanly detach them and hard to tell if you have moved the clip the right distance to clear the hole, because the cap doesn't spring up thanks to the glue. I had some of that 3M double-sided sticker tape used to mount MacBook Pro display glass and reattached them that way. So it worked out in the end, but I'll always know in my mind that they're attached thanks to a band-aid of sorts. Good luck to you, use finesse, don't get frazzled and don't worry if a clip gets snapped. To everyone: I attached an external monitor and all the sudden had choppy graphics performance, which persisted through several restarts. If this happens to you, go to /Library/Preferences and move com.apple.windowserver.plist to the trash or to your desktop (and delete the original from the preferences folder) and then restart. It fixed the issue for me. I also moved com.apple.powermanagement.plist to the trash, but not entirely sure I needed to, so start with the com.apple.windowserver.plist file.

    I should probably update. For the Wifi and the Lenovo card, I found that the FakePCIID kext wasn't necessary. Just need the FakePCIID_BCM94352Z_as_BCM94360CS2.kext for it to work. Then I do understand that the BRCMPatchRAM kext does make the bluetooth work, but I also read that it can crash the USB Bus on wake. But I've unloaded that kext and tested wake from sleep and the same issue is still persistent with the same symptoms. Wake from sleep on this device is the only nagging issue to what I feel is the best Apple product that Apple never chose to make. If you are looking at a powerbank, Mactabletman, I did some research on that and the best candidate is comes from BixPower. Here is the model I've been looking at http://www.bixpower.com/Bat-BP220-p/bat-bp220.htm. There are other models too that are less expensive with a lesser watt-hour rating, but they seem to be the only one to have a battery that will output the needed wattage and most importantly, 5 amps to accommodate the 4.5 amp requirement of CC2. As far as the UEFI bios, I got it extracted from the CC2 and used a few tools found online to browse the OROMs of the image and found the bios menu image. After I extracted it and had it decompiled into a .txt doc, it doesn't seem to have the ACPI menus listed in the file. I've seen other examples where the ACPI is in the setup config file, but is set to 0/false. This is the part that I'm stuck on. Not sure if adding that entry into the config file and setting it to 1/true will work if the entry never existed in the first place. I can upload all the extracted Bios and OROM images plus any other notes I jotted down for this endeavor if anyone wants to take a look.

    I run Mavericks on my CC2 and enabled haswell kernel power management. It gave me more Pstates, but honestly, the battery life difference is minuscule at best. Some apps like sketchbook pro 6 don't take advantage of stepping and other software toon boom harmony does really well. I've been tinkering with modding the UEFI bios to unlock the advanced ACPI menus. I've gotten pretty close so far in figuring it out. That definitely would help with undervolting. I'm thinking the answer to wake from sleep may be there too.

    Gotcha. A couple things that I experienced that Mactabletman did too, is I had to go out and purchase a USB 3.0 flash drive for my installer and use it in the top USB port. Are you installing internally or externally? Did you happen to get your i7 model recently? I seen that Wacom decide to make both of the i7 models with the 5th gen Broadwell i7 with the Iris graphics 6100 GPU. Or did you get yours before they did that and have the 4th gen i7 with the Iris 5100 GPU? The biggest differences is you're probably going to need to create a DSDT and SSDTs for it that differ from what Mactabletman provided. Alexway on this thread has the model with the iris 6100 GPU, but with no acceleration.

    Hey CJames! What model of the CC2 do you have, what version of OS X are you trying to install?

    Yeah, still can't get it to wake up properly. I've spent whole days working on it. Here are some of the things that I've tried recently: DSDT Patching using Rehabman's Fix WAK Arg v2 DSDT/SSDT patching to rename GFX0 to iGPU so that AGPM will handle GPU power management FIX_WAK, FIX_S3D, Suspend Override, SlpSmiAtWake flags Enabled native Haswell power management via the kernel and XCPM Been studying the hell out of DSDT, wondering if the OSYS values were changed if the internal display would be initialized after wake Casually tinkering with BIOS modding and got the tools to extract and edit the Aptio UEFI bios to include the ACPI options that are hidden in the Advanced section. But need to figure out: 1, what is the UUID of the ROM to extract to enable the menu and 2. what I am doing in general, that's why it's a casual endeavor as I don't want to brick this thing. Since the built-in display is not given the conventional name like LCD0, I can't tell if it is being notified to wake on system wake. There is no real mention from what I can see if it in the DSDT.aml, just in SSDT-7.aml. Macs', when your CC2 goes to sleep, does the light on the side start pulsing on and off? I can get it to do that when using GenericUSBXHCI.kext and the gux_defer_usb2 flag. I did run console and had it placed on an external monitor prior entering sleep, and when waking it up, the console messages mention something to the effect that Patriot memory (which I believe to be the firmware chip) is requesting a certain amount of mA power, but is not able to receive it, then the inevitable system wide hang and spinning beach ball comes right after, forcing a hard restart. Also mentions that BcrmPatchRAM was having some issues, and I read that it can crash the USB bus on wake, but removing the kext didn't resolve anything. I'm not an expert on any of this, but am trying everything relevant in the vast amount of resources in the web about this topic. I feel like it's either something small in the DSDT/SSDTs, or something that could be resolved by enabling the advanced ACPI settings in the Aptio BIOS. But Macs is correct, it definitely does have quite the impact on the user experience. This device doesn't have great battery life, feels a little better with kernel power management which gave one more Cstate than before. But I would like to be able to walk away for a short period of time and put the CC2 to sleep rather than leave it run to drain battery or shut it down until I am ready to use it again. I'll keep plugging away at it.

    Not getting a proper wake from sleep is driving me bananas. I extracted the DSDT from windows and compared to it the patched one and not seeing any discrepancies as to the devices that should be notifified to be woken up. Of course, I'm doing my best to study this with novice eyes and online self help. I tried the darkwakes, the boot flag gux-defer-usb2 with genericUSBxhci and it will sleep but still the no video on wake. Tried to use -xcpm bootflag and turned off Pstate and Cstate generation to allow the kernel to handle haswell power management, but that didn't make a difference. Tried other hibernatemodes. I tired toggling the different USB options in clover, but still the same issue. I feel like we are super close. Maybe we need a Disney prince to give it a true-love's kiss to wake this thing up all the way. (UPDATE) Did some more experimenting today. Before I noticed that the CAPS lock key was responsive on a USB keyboard and my magic mouse would show it's connected after waking from sleep with a solid green LED on the bottom side. So I decided to connect the CC2 to an external monitor (happy to see display out works), then put it to sleep. When I woke it up (with the power switch), the external monitor did wake up and I could move my mouse cursor onto its display. But when I tried to restart from the Apple menu, got the spinning beach ball and there was some slight flickering on sections of the external monitor. So now we know the CC2 is actually waking, but the internal display and something else isn't initializing after wake. used GenericUSBxhci.kext, gux_defer_usb2 and darkwake=1 in this experiment

    Still haven't gotten sleep to work. But I am happy to report that wifi card arrived today and after a nerve-wracking experience opening this thing up and installing it and the new RAM, it does work!!! I hear it works OOB in Yosemite, but I had to install Rehabmans' FakePCIID kext and the FakePCIID_BCM94352Z_as_BCM94360CS2.kext, repaired permissions and rebooted, wifi works no problem Still have to do the extra work to get Bluetooth back. And my microSD card/card slot stopped working, but still detected by the system. I'll have to see if I messed up the card itself. there you have it. Lenovo PN 20-200480 FTW Update: Bluetooth is working with the BCMPatchRAM.kext in the clover kexts directory. Still cannot get the MicroSD card slot to work anymore Was fine before this installation. I tried multiple cards and Console returns this error: 5/12/15 3:30:22.000 PM kernel[0]: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 20121112761000000 0xbda 0x177 0x7711, 2 Anyone have any ideas about how to correct this? Also, I noticed that my link to partstore.com stopped working, hopefully this one works so you guys can scoop one of these cards up: https://partstore.com/Part/Lenovo/Lenovo/20200480/Refurbished.aspx

    Im going to try the darwake flags. I'm reading 8 and 10 are the preferred ones. I tired the genericUSBxhci kext and the same boot arg as you. I didn't really do anything. Looks like all ports are still USB 3 controlled by the apple xhci kext. That was the behavior in Mavericks. I did notice if it booted without the USB wifi adapter connected, then it would get a little closer, but constantly wakeup ever few sseconds, then the fans would spin down, the light would start to fade on the side and then it would wake up and repeat that loop. When you did the generic USB xhci and boot arg, did you pull the apple xhci kext?

    Figured out half of sleep mode. I've been researching the hell out of this subject and tried something today that got it to enter sleep. I used terminal and unloaded com.apple.driver.appleusbxhci. Granted, doing this took away my ability to interface with it, but I pressed the power switch in for a second and the screen went black, then the fans shut down and low and behold, the little light on the side began breathing. But pressing the power button only woke it up halfway. The fans came back on, the light stayed a solid green, but the screen didn't wake. Had to hard shut down. At least it appears that the USB 3.0 driver/hardware is part if the issue. I've been running Mavericks 10.9.5 for weeks. Sleep didn't work normally on this OS either. Getting it to enter actual sleep mode by unloading the stock apple USB 3.0 kext is the closest I've come.

    According to the tracking information, I should be getting this wifi card on this coming Wednesday. It's coming by UPS so there's no chance of an early delivery. I'll be waiting with screwdriver in hand when I see that truck pull up and report back. Here is the link to the wifi card I ordered: https://partstore.com/Part/Lenovo/Lenovo/20200480/Refurbished There's no image of it, but I will simply return it if it isn't the right chipset. I found this chart the most helpful in pinning down a candidate for a card: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wg4xt_k_fv9UfucFyCJy0Nt-kUe9MMuWYiD2aCD80DU/pub?gid=1 All in all, it is supposed to be a key E NGFF 2230 with the BCM94352Z chipset. And yes, found in the Yoga, I'll let you all know ASAP

    I ordered a mess of upgrades for my i5 CC2. One of them is a wifi card. A Lenovo NGFF wifi card that has the same chipset mentioned earlier in this thread. It's part no 20-200480 and my research shows that it should work. Bonus is that it was only $26.40 on partstore.com . I will update after I install it as to if it works or not Also ordered a 500GB SSD w/ 2280 NGFF form from crucial (MX200) and also a 8GB RAM stick I really hope this wifi card works so I can tell all you great peeps that we have a reasonably priced internal solution for wifi.

    If you use srinn's DSDT, then you can skip installing the AppleACPIPlatform.kext from the package. I was having a lot of issues with the Wacom drivers working in my apps like toon boom harmony v12 in Yosemite 10.10.3, so I followed the same guide steps for installing Mavericks 10.9.5 instead and using Wacom tablet driver 6.3.11w3 instead of the latest. Now I'm not getting constantly crashing Wacom drivers and don't have to restart all the time. It's been working beautifully now

    srinn, thanks for the response! I read it while I was out of the house. When I got home, I woke the CC2 from display sleep and had an error waiting for me about the AppleACPIPlatform.kext and AppleACPIButton are not usable extensions, followed by my Apple USB keyboard no longer responding. I installed the backup of the stock AppleACPIPlatform.kext, ran maintenance, swapped out the DSDT with your patched version and it works great Thanks again!