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  1. Hangs on Shutdown / Restart

    hey... this is how you check if the versions are same or not... goto --> /System/Library/Extensions and right click system.kext show package contents. then double click on info.plist.... also do this open terminal and type uname -a in case the two versions aren't the same then while ure booting press f8 then type in the kernel with which u want to boot like this ---> "modbinkernel" including collens (In kalyway u might hav selected 1 kernel for installation but all you were doing was choosing your default kernel)...choose from the list of kernels u had in kalyway (i use modbinkernel coz its the standard for intel. (or so i suppose. pros dont b angry if m wrong )) give it a try dont get hopes too high my prob n ures cud b entirely different
  2. Hangs on Shutdown / Restart

    hi m very noob with this...but my pc also used to hang on shut down. I found out that my system.kext version ( /System/Library/Extensions) was different from my kernel version ( uname -a in terminal). So i load the kernel m supposed to load after that n yipee...hope it woks for u too. sorry if information was not required. m very noob
  3. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    can someone plz plz pplzzz give original applepd2controller.kext in kalyway 10.5.2 i know u all hav it plzz gimee plzzzzz