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  1. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Im a bit of a newbie at this and feel like an idiot asking this question but how exactly do I install this? I cant find Neopheus' installer and I dont understand how to install the sourceforge folder
  2. Which drive should I clone? The external hard drive? What I want to do is get it on my INTERNAL hard drive on my computer.
  3. @Advokit: Thanks for the help but yeah I've tried everything possible to try and access the bios and nothing works. @TheBogieMan: when you say "clone it" what do you mean? As in clone the Sata drive?
  4. Basically my Iatoks 5i install isn't picking up my SATA hard drive and I think I could fix this in the bios by enabling AHCI and changing from S3 to S1 but the problem is no matter what key combination I try I can access the bios. Its not a very well known brand. Its an E-system ( not Ei system. JUST E-System ) laptop running Phoenix Bios 1.13 and Ive searched the net for 4 days straight without finding a solution. If you know of a version of OSx86 that would congifure my bios for me that would be brilliant or even if you could figure out how I access my bios. ANY form of help is greatly appreciated -Stopmoclay