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  1. How hot is ur powerbook?

    mine's powerbook, abd yes, above the F keys, it's untouchable. like a pan! how is this possible? i thought im the only one who has this problem, dont they (apple) know? i guess i have to live with this then~
  2. this is my first mac/powerbook ever so i dont really know about the others, so when ur using ur powerbook, how hot does it get? mine when u watch a movie it gets SO HOT you can't even touch it for a few secs... i mean it would get me burned, is this normal? when i use it for work it also gets very hot but not as hot as burning a dvd or something... please let me know. thanks a lot!
  3. Tons of Free Mac Games

    good finds. thanks
  4. iWeb won't install?

    it only has one file, ilife.mpkg, what should i do? thanks
  5. iWeb won't install?

    hi, i tried to install iWeb (got it from torrent mononoid) and it got me thru all the steps but to the final step it said there was an error (didn't say what error) and asked me to try again, which i did, a few times, got the same result. anyone has experienced this before could help me out? i dont think it's the file cause other people has been succesfully installed. i'm a brand new mac user so this is so confusing! thanks a lot!
  6. (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    oh my god i love u. thanks a lot!
  7. iLife 06 leaked

    can someone please let me know a link to get the this? i cant get into demonoid and i dont really have any torrent file also. thanks a lot!
  8. (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    i have a question, when im using finder, and if i wanna go back, instead of using the mouse is there any key shortcut? i'm on a powerbook g4. and it's "backscape" with PC thanks guys
  9. iLife 6 leaked?

    hi, i have heard ilife 6 has leaked, can someone please have me the link? i just bought my first mac ever and there are so manythings i dont know. please help! thanks a lot!