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  1. I haven't tried it yet, but the new BIOS supposedly elminates the need for any kexts or dsdt.aml. LINKREMOVED (SPAM) excerpt from post: I'm proud to announce here the result of my last 2 months of work on this project. This project consists on a hacked gigabyte bios file (based on the latest F9f beta bios for the EP43-DS3L board and the latest F9 bios for the EP45-UD3L) wich you can flash to your motherboard (ONLY) trough Clean Q-Flash (without entering Bios Setup before Q-Flash), and, once booted, have a normal functional computer for any ACPI OS (such as Windows Linux and Mac), and the possibility to boot under Mac OS X with enhanced features normally achieved trough the use of a DSDT.aml file. The Final idea is having a bios that boots OSX without the need of any DSDT.aml stored on your disk (we will still need a bootloader for EFI/GPT for now but i pretend to implement that into bios in future releases). I decided to release my latest stable version at once. It includes these (and other) capabilities to OS-X booted WITHOUT DSDT.aml: With this Bios you will no longer need a DSDT.aml and will no longer need kexts like OpenHaltRestart, SleepEnabler, PMDisabler, HDAEnabler (Legacyhda still needed), SMBUSEnabler. Between the features of this BIOS is: No need for DSDT.aml Mac Display image instead of gigabyte's one Bios Setup sounds in sound boxes(not loud) Native PowerManagement correctly loaded Shutdown Fix (still long shutdown time, arround 10 to 20 seconds but no need for kexts) CMOS-reset bug fix for Snow Leo USB 1.1 and 2.0 seen as internal with sleep capability Native SMBus loading Full Sleep and Wake capability. Full AHCI hotplug capability HDEF Audio (eliminates HDAEnabler)
  2. 8 Core Hackintosh Parts

    Let's all go out and buy one! I mean dropping 2k-6k in cash is great when there is a downed economy! Forget rent and food! My Mac can do all that and more!!
  3. DP43TF?

    Anyone try to install SL on a Intel DP43TF?
  4. So should this guide should work for similar Intel G31/ICH7 boards?