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  1. I can update to 10.10.3 but i get kernel panic when i boot to it. it kernel panic after the line vm swap on is enabled. if i may ask, what is the boot loader you are using?
  2. Hi what update combo 10.10.x have you guys installed? right now im working in 10.10.1 and they just released 10.10.3 i tried to update from my backup but it kernel panic when vm swap on is enabled. any comments will be great
  3. verdant are you working on a yosemite install tutorials? I wonder if the mavericks drivers work with yosemite? verdant are you working on a yosemite install tutorials? I wonder if the mavericks drivers work with yosemite?
  4. hey verdant does your machine sleeps and wakes up properly? thanks kilopopo
  5. Kilopopo

    [SOLVED] SR-2 help... various issues

    hi good to see your system is working. I am just wondering if your system is able to sleep and wakeup. thanks
  6. Verdant got my sound working again with the official voodoohda 2.7.3 installer i installed cli tools and installed voodoohda 2.7.3 installer and it worked perfectly. I have not tested the audio input though i dont have a compatible mic on me. BTW I installed 10.8.2 from app store and it worked flawlessly
  7. it WAS fine except that I have to adjust the input gain level on the voodoo helper app. NOW after installing clitools for development the one that on apple developers website the voodoohda kext stopped working i tried uninstalling and installing it again and no luck. I am going to take a break from mountain lion installation. maybe next week ill work on it again. Thanks for your guide
  8. Verdant, I got the sound working last night with VoodooHDA 2.7.3 Thanks for your help again
  9. Verdant I got the lan working by using nForceLAN.0.64.5.kext from 10.7.2 installation that i have now I am tinkering with my alc 883 audio thanks a lot verdant
  10. I was able to get pass PCI Configuration Begin by using legacy kext EvilAppleACPIPlatform.kext from nawcom. Now I want my lan connection to work but the problem is it does not get recognized in ML I used nforcelan 64.5 and 64.6 but no luck instead can you help me patch my dsdt for the lan? what do i need in able to do this? thanks
  11. thanks verdant will try that Actually I used Olegs patched IOPCIFamily.kext . but i get RPCout problems. Ill tell you the detailed errors when i load it back to ML Thanks again
  12. hi verdant i am having problems with pci configuration begins lock up i followed all your guides about the problem pci configuration begins. Do you have any other working versions of AppleACPIPlatform.kext? Thanks
  13. here is my dsdt.dsl can you also include the fix for qe and ci in dsdt. Lion can recognize my video card but i dont have qe and ci enabled. dsdt_kilopopo.dsl.zip