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  1. 10.5.7 Released

    Hi all, Are there any "bad axe 2" users with successful 10.5.7 updates? if so, what's your setup? any glitches? I'm somewhat hesitant (still) on this update. I have both the delta and combo updates ready for install but I'm waiting on any major issues found on this mother board. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. Noobie here, I've followed up on this guide, and I've gotten OS X to boot without the boot 132...however, I'm lost on getting the audio, video, and network issues fixed... I went researching on a different guide about an audio/video/network fixes and came upon part of the procedure for iAtkos v5i to fix audio/video/network...to make a long story short, I've used the Uinstaller 1.2 for video fixes and still doesn't work... only same resolution 1024x768, no QE/CI I noticed it also smears my windows when i try to drag it...any ideas?? Here's a list of my build: bad axe 2 Q6600 CPU Asus Nvidia EN7300GT 256MB 8GB RAM any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated..
  3. Okay if anyone can help me on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it... First off I'm somewhat of a newbie with the whole hackintosh, and i have read many setups to do so... I decided to go with the boot 132 (grub dfe.iso) version and retail DVD 10.5.6 Good news, I was able to follow half of the setup with the swapping of boot 132 and retail DVD. I've gotten the DVD installed onto my HD (GUID partition) and i rebooted with the boot 132 still... now from my understanding, the 2nd half of the setup is to get Chameleon DFE for hard disk downloaded and then open up initrd.img file from inside the boot 132 disk, look for the 'EXTRA' folder and drag that to the 'EXTRA CONTENTS' folder on the chameleon DFE for hard disk...which i was able to do so..however my problem lies after this procedure- once I'd drag my extension files to chameleon and attempted to boot the system without the boot CD, I get the "no boot device detected- insert boot disk and press any key" error I was curious about the extended files I added to chameleon, and found 4 kext files- ACPIPS2Nub.kext dsmos.kext IntelCPUMDisabler.kext SMBIOSEnabler.kext am i missing a step here??? are there more and/or specific kexts that i need to add for my mobo ?? please enlighten me on this matter.. list of my hardware: d975xbx2kr (bad axe 2) q6600 cpu 8gb ram asus nvidia en7300GT silent 256MB 2 seagate HDD 640GB (SATA)