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  1. Hi Augusto Paulo, I see on the other thread that nmano managed to install, using your method, I guess, 10.11.5 to gaming g1 and 5960x. I have the same setup as him. What should I do to get mine working using your method? Thank you very much for your time.
  2. Hi nmano, I have the same system as yours and would like to know if you could point me to the method you have used (bios, clover settings, patch...) to get this working on your mobo. I've been away from hackintoshing for a while, so I'm not sure what I must do to patch clover for this cpu. thank you very much for your time.
  3. Hey guys. Hope I'm no noob , hehehehe but newbie instead. Well, at first thing didn't work as expected, I got panics at startup. I did just as you said, took pictures using my cellphone camera but the quality is awful but it says something about being "unable to find drivers for this plataform" blah blah blah. Well. I just formatted the whole thing and started over. Again. But now, in the beginning, I did the process of deleting system.kext from S/L/E folder (after making sure it was 9.2.2, since I'm using 9.2.0 sleep kernel), installer the version you provided for download on first post, deleted the extensions.kextcache file under S/L/E/Cache (I know it's not the name, but I think You'll get it), repaired permissions and deleted extensions.mkext. Good. Then just to make sure I looked for system.kext version under info.plist and it showed 9.2.0. Crossed my fingers, waited for updates on boot cache and IT WORKED. So thank you both very much, Lion and C. This really helped a lot since it was the last thing I missed on my install. I had to choose between USB support or Sleep/Restart/Shutdow to work at a time, changing my kernels. Just to complete, here are my specs: Giga-byte GA965P-DS3 v3.3 C2Q Q6600 2.4 4Gb 800 DDR2 7600GT 256 with nvinject properly detected All AHCI ports working and hot swap also. Two IDE working Two Seagate 500Gb SATA Sata Samsung DVD 203B working (toast not tested yet, everything else working ok) Audio 2 channel working ALC888 (6 ports working 4 outs 1 in 1 mic - all outs working: one at a time, no 5.1, no 7.1) Onboard NIC working PS2 keyboard and mouse working USB NOW WORKING External FW card working SLEEP/RESTART/SHUTDOWN working Again thank you very much!
  4. Abacax86

    USB drivers from 10.5.3 beta

    Pay attention to the symbols (cats and dogs??). I was making the same mistake myself!
  5. I got bricked up too. Didn´t backup since I don´t recall how to back "down", hehehe. But I got the same board. I´ll try vanilla right after. Better luck next time!
  6. Hey guys, I gotta something called All ports ACHI, which claims to make all 4 ports work on ICH8. I don't know how to make it work these kext things or where I got it from. Inside the zip file there is AppleAHCIPort.kext, AppleUSBAudio.kext, AppleUSBMuiltitouch.kext, AppleUSBTopCase.kext, IOACHIFamily.kext, IOATAFamily.kext and IOUSBFamily.kext. PM me if interested
  7. Hi Mr. Mistico. Greeting from Brazil! I write to you looking for help on my P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP. I did everything to get it working using your installer and finally, after 1 1/2 days nonstop I got it and went to update imediately. But just after installing 10.4.9 from Jas.10.4.9.Combo.Update.Intel.SSE3, system wouldn´t boot anymore. It just went all the way up to the point where the screen turns off for 20sec then back on again. But then, I have no image on video. I´ll give you all the specs and if you would please tell me which installation DVD you used for your system and how did you get it updated to 10.4.9? I need desperatly FCP2 working on this machine. My install DVD is JAS 10.4.8 famous DVD. MOBO P5b deluxe wifi/ap Intel C2D 1.83 graphics card is evga PCI-E16x e-geforce 7600GT 256MB 1VGA 1DVI 1SVideo 2Gb A-DATA ram Maxtor Diamond Max 21 250GB Harddisk 2x Sony DVD IDE drives. PS.: Using your installer, I had to use some kext editing to get ICH8R and Jmicron working. But if there´s a easier way, please tell me. Also, altough I got everything working, sometimes after booting one of the hardware pieces wouldn´t work at that boot. Like audio or LAN or Jmicron. What are the expected speed for xbench? Thank you so much and please, pretty please, help. That´s all. I´m going for a good cup of ristretto macchiatto.
  8. Hi, I wish to know the main differences between the "same" cards from different vendors. Like, what does Powercolor, Sapphire and Connect3d x1600 XT have different? Also, I have tried contacting different users on theirs platforms - Intel X AMD - and how professional do they think the boxes are (sorry for lousy English!). Could you tell me why Opterons/Pentiums are best? And which mobos? And only the x1600 are fully working or are they the best choice on their price? Thank you all very much! One last thing: Is the ADD2 option the only way so far to have dual monitor capabilities? Do anybody know about pro monitoring for HD using, for instance, Black magic cards or PNY Quadro?
  9. Thanx Wayland for all the information and all you guys in the video thread. Now I can buy the parts needed to run FCP 5.1 and work! Thanx again.