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  1. Guide Clover Dell Precision 690 Workstation

    Hello mate, i can't see any attachment here. Can you help me please whit Post Installer for HP Z800? Thanks!
  2. Yosemite su P5k-e si può

    AppleHDA-266.5-ADI1988B.zip bisogna prendere questo e HDAEnabler7?
  3. Yosemite su P5k-e si può

    Ciao a me va tutto tranne l'audio. Che kext e che injector si deve usare usare? Io ho usato quello per dai ad1988b, per la p5k-e, ma non mi va con nessun injector, anzi mi si blocca anche al boot dopo avere fatto le varie prove. Grazie, Alberto
  4. Hello guys, what about sleep? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello guys, what about sleep? Thanks in advance.
  6. Safari - flash plugin und reload errors

    same problem here, i tried whit efi string and whit nvenabler but the story is the same
  7. Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    I hade the same problem after the first automatic sleep. You can try to do this: 1) Shut down the PC. 2) Disconnect the power cable from the pc. 3) Push the power button fast for about 10 seconds 4) Connect the power cable and start Lion. This work every time for me. Basicaly you need to let the capacitors to uncharge. At the end of the boot install sleepenabler for 10.7 before to let your computer to go in sleep again. Now my Lion work whit the integrated ETH , thanks to all of you, guys. I hope this will help some of you.
  8. Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    What DSDT editor do you use? Thanks Mate!
  9. Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    Hello, i have some compilation errors when i put your code on my dsdt. Can you explain me how can i do it whithout errors? Thanks in advance. Anyway i understood where is the problem. When i install the kext for the eth all work but ,after the first automatic sleep, somethings go wrong in my bios and i need to delete the eth kext (injection or IONetwork it's the same) or disable the eth from bios or reset the bios from the jumper in the mobo to reboot Lion or it will stuck after the disk check.
  10. Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    I will give it a try when i will be at home later in the night, thank a lot for now
  11. Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    I wil try it later in the night, thanks in advance
  12. Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    I have the same problem, the system does not panic (visibly at least) but simply halts on boot and when i restore a backup the system start again but without eth support. I tryed all, injection form /E/E or /S/L/E , edited kext on /E/E or /S/L/E. I installed whit MaLd0n' USB stick and Lion GM (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256729) whit DSDT Auto-Patche for windows 7 and nothing other. I don't know what to do, any help is wellcome. PS: sorry for my bad english.
  13. I tried this metod and work great for me the only problem is the restart that take me on black screen for about one minute. Anyone have a solution for it? I use openhaltrestart just right now. Thanks in advance.
  14. AD1988B Work?

    Hello guys, anyone got AD1988B working? I have some problems whit microphone on asus p5k-e /wifi Thanks guys
  15. [HOW TO] Patch AppleHDA - Knowledge Base

    Hello guys, any news about adi1988b? Thanks all.