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  1. Lion works more better than Snow Leopard on this mobo (EP45-DS3L)
  2. Hi Guys Good news for all owners of this mobo. Tonymacx86 procedure works fine On Lion I'm running 10.7.3 better and also boot cham 1772 in blackosx layout I use an old 30gb sata hd of a broken portables pc in a USB box because usbstick doesnt boot I put in the hd the #unib... tonymacx86 soft and it works great Is important to get the dsdt.aml of tonymacx86 database that is of the DS3R but it works fine That dsdt Is important for the upgrade from 10.7.0 to 10.7.3 A trick is to use #######... tool in second time putting dsdt again... Its all clear ? I think so...... Good updates
  3. 10.7.2 is out! Re -ouch After 2 months i solve the problem of turning off under load: not PSU but fan cool. The original Intel was non stable and had raised a leg that sometime with hot move the fan. I put an Antec Fun which is fixed with screws to the MB/CPU and does not move as well as producing a better cooling
  4. update to 10.7.1 all ok without sleep enabler
  5. Hi Maj troubleshooting or .... a bit of mine experience with EX58-UD5 mobo with DD script I have 3 HD s01 (750GB) 5 partition boot cham RC2 r640 Kaly 10.5.2 (Win7 virgin untouched) s02 (750GB) 5 partition boot cham RC5 r1200 Snow Leo 10.6.8 + OSX Base System s03 (1 TB) 2 partition boot cham RC5 r1020 Lion a bit of chaos is maded for the ..com.app....plist org.cham....plist to bypass it i have the same plist with different name Yesterday i boot from s02 and problem was only for shutdown From this morning i boot from s03 and problem with shutdown is solved, it works properly (too advanced the r1200?) All the problems encountered was made only for sleepenabler 23 102 .... a bit of chaos but with the couple of *.boot.plist i solved prob and i can boot every partition from every disk i set like primary in bios (obvsiouly from s01 no) and isnt necessary to go in bios for change disk in case of KP... I think to leaving r1024 until r1200 stabilizes This evening i try to render a big video file, no turn off, but lion seems to be a bit slow respect 10.6.8 this is all folks enjoy
  6. Proud to collaborate (a very few) in this two years to u.This mobo i think is a more affordable for "hackintoshes" and i think it work for other time. Only limit was speed of ram by low voltage (only 1.8) that cannot permit to install more speed ram but it is strong like a bull and work hard like an ass. But a very important add-on to mobo and project OSx86 is you, dear Blackosx. O strong manual and a big experience for all. Thank' a lot for all. Now technology run and its time to update the hardware. Another page is opened Thanks a lot my dear Z4g0r
  7. Hi MAJ I update Chameleon not with script .. but after that script put kext in /E/E ... problem (solved) was only for 10.6.8 For Lion the problem was like you wrote some posts ago, the com.apple...plist was not renamed to org,cham...plist i do it manually. I have cham V5-1200 but now i got a KP and a freeze in shutdown ... investigating enjoy
  8. Hi Maj Lion is done! (102!) Proc is seen as Xeon quad core and hardware show 4 cores only Ram is shown 1600 but in real is 1333 GPU card is correct i need to work on .....
  9. Hello Dear MAJ KP solved ATTENTION FOR ALL WHO INSTALL CHAMELEON 2_RC5_VS (1200) Automatic installation made some big RILEVANT damage It correctly rename com.appl.....plist to org.cham....plist BUT BUT BUT rename the Extension directory where are all kext from "Extensions" to "Stored Kext" u can find all kekts there. Solve: a) boot from backup partition a) open terminal become su (sudo su) c) make a simple mv (rename of) directory: mv "Stored Kext" to "Extensions" d) make an empty "Stored Kext" directory dont forgot to chmod all u change PS: 1st law of SysAdm: RTFM PS2: Dear MAJ you make a great JOB (other changes to script) like a JOB ...
  10. Hello Boss MAJ Lion is installed with Cham R5V5 1200 but 10.6.8 gone in KP!!! changes in 1200???? the org plist is done (com,apple. plist ther isnt) any news? tnx in advance from boot: Waiting for DSMOS panic(cpu 0 caller ...) no HPETs available ... CPU(s) configured incorrectly ... pmthread.c: 157
  11. Yep now when i rendering with FCP the hackintosh turns off I made the first release of mine I7 hackintosh with a 650W PSU all work fine, but after when i put a usb TV stick, usb web cam, usb Roland audio capture for mike, the 3d HD of 1TB frequently ,when it works hard for rendering video, it turns off. The CoreI7 is more expensive of power and it needs more energy i think to put a Corsair 850w PSU In the other hack based on quad Q6600 over a EP45-DS3L a 650w PSU is more efficent it works with over 10 programs open (DW, PS, FCP, MS-W, mail, Safari, Chrome, A-Prem, Parall, TexEdit, Preview, etc etc) at same time, unblinking. CPU dont gone in 100% (only Adobe products spend more more memory, are not efficent) Im working on, but i havent more time to trying the last attempt was this morning at 6 after solving SleepEnabler problem i made the bootable installtion-partition but after loading libraries after efi_iniection, loading extra/smbios.plist, load extra/DSDT, Strarting Darwin x86_64 it reboot and installation procedure dont start. No damage to bios. i think to update the cham boot files ... so... my compliments again to your scripts, valuable and efficient, i do take a dip in the past when I was writing scripts awk and csh on the old Sun 2/3/4 Better Job enjoy
  12. Dont worry, u make a great job, and the link is a better choice to understand what are doing the problem is mine, on mine Cham ... by the way, now 10.6.8 works fine and now i'm going to try the lion installation i burn a DVD with the ESD of lion buyed from AS for my MBP but i dont understand when you talk about From script, run Create boot disk (menu #15) and select the default Boot Disk option. the boot disk is the partition were l install lion after? (PS: And i need to update PSU because i put a 3rd HD of 1TB .....)
  13. Dear MAJ it doesnt work I have the same problem. After update from 10.6.4 to 10.6.8 with combo i need to disable SleepEnabler by write at boot pmVersion=0 i change the boot plist with pmVersion=0 or pmVersion=23 but every time got a KP Only thing that i suppose is that the sleepenabler kext is incorrect i got 3 different kind of kext in the xnu site , and now i cannot try to install lion too why u put the link to file and not the file in your repository? Thanks a lot in advance ... at 4 o clock i find the 4th kext that is running well