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  1. step to install? isn't it in the forst post? the best of all.. my leopard is faster than my Windo*s...
  2. thank you.. working perfetly in my acer 4520..
  3. me tooo.. all of your guide is work.. except the audio. btw, which version of leo4all v4.1 that you use? mine don't have Voodoo kernel.. (but still working correctly) what resolution do you have? my resoultion still stuck in 1024 x 768 thank you verrry much for your guide,,
  4. thank you thank you thank you i'll try it..
  5. anyone with Acer Aspire 4520(AMD)

    try to change the BIOS setting.. where you can find "IDE mode" change it to "AHCI mode" but usually defaullt windows need you to change it back to "IDE Mode", if not you'll get the BSOD. try to get another distro, leo4all should work without problem.. but sound (ALC 268) and vga (Geforce 7000M) not working, dvd and wireless (Atheros) too... i did ask wattleferdz though ask about sound, but not replied yet.. hope he'll reply my message.. anybody could help us please?
  6. all user acer 4520g with alc268

    :? sory i'm newbie.. (silly question) where i can get alc268 installer? becouse it's a lot of ALC268 installer out there.. and i don't know which version most compatible with acer 4520. it says ALCinject so, i must install alcinject first? thank you.