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    Authorising Stylus RMX?

    Thanks, Arnusberger, much appreciated. And sorry for the lack of info -- it's my first post.
  2. BurakkuSensei

    Authorising Stylus RMX?

    I've been setting up my music production software on a new Hackintosh, and everything's running fine except Spectrasonic's Stylus RMX plugin, which I can't authorise. When I get the authorisation screen, the challenge code it gives me is messed up, and there's already a response in the response box, which doesn't work. The messed up challenge code also isn't recognised as a valid code on the Spectrasonics website. I've thought of using a keygen crack to get around this, but I don't think it will work since the challenge code isn't valid. Is there anyone out there who has Stylus RMX running on a Hackintosh without this problem?