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    C-Media CMI8788 Drivers for Leopard?

    So do i. Been browsing the interwebz for hours now and can't find anything for my Xonar D2.
  2. KewlU

    Installation won't boot

    No it's burned on a DualLayer DVD which im trying to install it off. The hdd is empty
  3. Hi, I've tried pretty much everything and i'm running out of options. I'm trying to install Leopard using a retail DVD and the boot-132 boot cd. I'm running on: Intel E6850 Asus P5K Series Motherboard P35 Chipset WD S-ATA Drive Philips IDE DVD Drive I insert the boot cd, boot it up, press enter. Then in the next screen it asks me which drive to boot from. Default option here is "ff", that doesn't work. I tried everything between 80 and 100. 80 is my SATA HDD and when i try that it ofcourse says NTLDR not found because the drive itself is empty. When i try anything else (80-100) and press enter i get sent back to the first boot screen. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UDSWlOEeF8&fmt=18