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  1. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    ginosih Use Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r755 http://www.kexts.com/view/1157-chameleon-2.0-rc5-r755_[pkg_installer].html
  2. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    GTX 460 1Gb OpenCL OceanWave not work OpenCL OceanWave:------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiple GPUs found Using device[0] for compute: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 OpenCL 1.1 Using device[0] for rendering: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 OpenCL 1.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connecting to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building compute program... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building compute kernels... OpenCL Warning : clBuildProgram failed: could not build program for device[0] 0x101d33ea8 (GeForce GTX 460) (err:-44) [CL_BUILD_ERROR] : OpenCL Build Error : Compiler build log: Error getting function data from server FFT program build log on device GeForce GTX 460 Error getting function data from server [CL_INVALID_PROGRAM_EXECUTABLE] : OpenCL Error : Failed to create kernel! Could not find a device with a built executable for this kernel. Failed to create fft plan! Failed to initialize CL But all other tests work. Does not work sending the results. Mac OS X 10.7 (11A419) smallluxGPU_beta 1.8.2 GALAXIES works too ,OpenCL Displacement Bench works too
  3. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    In general, I realized that everything is signed NDA. Well to hell with it, I put to download the whole image, a couple of weeks with my Internet download. While reported that what he did. I once scratched my bios and made a small downclock (initial frequency of 800 \ 1600 \ 4000) and at the same time reduce all voltage To those on which graphics card with such frequencies is absolutely workable and passes all the tests on the stability of Windows. Today we went to the third day, as in OS X does not have any problems. But as shown by past experience, you need to wait much longer times.
  4. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    elitee Yes,r270.
  5. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    In general, for 4 days happened as much as 5 KP. Somehow, even more than before. Maybe someone already have the whole package of drivers from the 10.7 dp2 / 11A419? Please place them somewhere, I'll be with them to try.
  6. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    rominator I will say more. If for example take 9 out of 10 cases of freezes occurs to me that they occurred just when Web surfing. No difference whether I used Safari or Opera. Drivers will be checked.Good luck with the experiments.
  7. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    Well, today I received a freeze. Just boot your computer, launch the browser Opera, 3 minutes first stops responding to clicks (mouse move) then everything is completely frozen.
  8. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    Hi rominator Incidentally, I remember something related to the first (3 P-States) bios. When they left the drivers for Windows 260.xx series owners GTX460 production Palit \ Gainward (and including me) are faced with a problem. Namely, with drivers 260.xx problems began, as in Windows, and Linux some time after the OS boot screen is covered with artifacts and the system froze. Occasionally BSOD (in Windows) Since in Linux and Windows have enough tools to track the state of the video card at the time of the problem, I immediately noticed that the problem occurs at the moment of transition in video mode 2d (50 \ 135 \ 101Mhz) and so also discovered that this problem does not occur if you install the most the first bios (the one that I sent to you with 3 P-States), I contacted tech-support Gainward (Nvidia also on the forum raised the issue) and led a fairly rough correspondence with Gainward. One and a half weeks I have been sent to the order of 5 to test the BIOS checks. The latter was successful and in the end they have placed on its website for downloading. Ie it turns out that the problem still was associated with the change of regimes of state (or incorrect addition of a fourth mode) as on the BIOS with 3 P-States had no problems. But I somehow did not hit upon check this bios in MAC OS. And frankly, it somehow did not want to use the old bios when there is already a new one.
  9. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    Hi rominator Old bios sent. Maybe something will help. By the way the computer was sleeping at night, morning, woke him up until now no problems.
  10. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    Hi! Flashed the bios test, while (8 hours), freezing was not. But I have already written, unpredictable thing - maybe two or three days without any problems worked out. So that will have to wait for a week. By the way only to later BIOS for my video card there were four PowerStates, on the very first (I bought the card at the end of July last year), there were 3. If you want I can and send it. Also the presence of a Windows 7 x64, and Linux (Open Suse 11.4 x32). May need to be any damps can do everything you need.