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  1. rest assured son

    Installing Hackintosh on HP Touchsmart tx2-1020us

    Hey guys test out Snow Leopard, it should work, use the new qoopz kernel for your AMD proccsr
  2. There is a kernel folder in the scripts root folder. Insert kernel here!
  3. rest assured son

    Kernal panic on iDeneb 1.6 after a while

    No, but you know now not to post here, thats the good thing.
  4. Yes, its slow. There are many people who use GRUB with OSX, here is a link to a person uses GRUB2, I dont know if you have this. You should be able to get the information you need to get up and running eventually. If that does not work then click here, to get more info on GRUB in osx.
  5. ArkaPro, its mattrb, under another pseudonym, last night I tried to install Leopard on another install with SL. Fail. That is okay because I did not expect it to work. I put iPC on another drive (used voodoo kernel with busratio=20, ich10 drivers) . Then I installed Retail 10.5.6 on a USB stick that was formatted GUID. Then I put 10.5.8 combo update from Apple website. Then I inserted DD's newest script from the Snow Leopard DD page. Worked handsomely. I now know that DD's SL script works with Leopard successfully. I dont know how to help you other then (1) making another attempt [insert graphics strings in advance], (2) try to get a new retail CD because it might be scratched, (3) use minimal drivers and get it working, (4) give up and use Snow Leopard (I recommend this, I don't believe SL to be of beta quality and most OS's come forth as being) I wish you the best of luck.
  6. rest assured son

    Kernel SnowLeopard for Xeon SSE2 ?

    You need snowVoodoo if that does not work. Wait a few weeks, it will come out (the XNU kernel was released last week and it takes a few weeks to hack). Snow Leopard is not a Need anyway. Its a want.
  7. Yes, if you look at X58 type tutorials, they omit any problems associated to what you Think may be a problem. And therefore....... its not a problem.
  8. This is basically a dupe thread. Also it was posted in the wrong place. This is a tutorial.
  9. gotta add 2 lines in the boot.plist, same for the video too on your card. Go to netkas.org for the details on what to enter.
  10. Excellent way to solve a problem that seems to be lurking in your code. I love your script, its perfect in every way (except not having PCEFI v10.3)
  11. Sound Fix! Okay you need to take the files from this post. Link. Then you need to use the two files, DSDT.aml, and alc662.kext and put them in the respective places. One goes in the extra folder (the DSDT) and the other goes in kext utility. Note:The DSDT is for GA-G31m-S2l Only, will phuck up your computer if not. This solution needs the DSDT because the DSDT has sound inside of the file but needs the small kext to activate it and this works basically like the LegacyHDA.kext but ingegrated into 1 file (two technically). Here is the link to kext utility. Link. This will make it easier on your brain.
  12. rest assured son

    SMBIOS Final Cut Pro Fix

    They are uninformed. They dont realize that you need 32 gb of ram the REAL performance of 64-bit comes into fruition. That is why the only Macs that use 64 bit right now are Xserve servers (the ones that actually use 32gb of ram!). No, its in Xserve Servers, that would mean that it is released and not in development stage.
  13. almost week old news. The only way this thread could be news if it included a hacked Kernel.
  14. it happens to be that the post you are referring to in relation to the person seeing drivers on the evga website is talking about a different card then yours. The 9800 card can be working in no time with graphicsenabler for chameleon rc3. Or EFI strings. NO other option.
  15. Your wrong, you no see correctly