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  1. 10.6.4 Snow Leopard SMB Issue

    Hi, Thanks for the replies, i have tried IP address as well, but still same issue.. Also i tried using cifs://compname/share instead of smb and it seems to have the same effect, so i am not sure. Usually when you type in smb://compname/share to connect to server and it does not exist, you get an error stating that the connection failed, the server computername may not exist or it is unavailable at this time.. But that error does not happen when i am using smb:// it just says connecting to indefinitely. Also i noticed if i browse the network, only apple computers show up, no win machines. Cheers
  2. Hi All, i have had a successful install of snow leopard on an AMD machine running 10.6.3 for a little while now. I have just finished updating it to 10.6.4 using information from this site.. Anyway, my problem if someone can please help is i am unable to connect to any SMB shares on my local network (my network connection seems fine). If i use the connect to server option and then type in smb://computername/share etc, it seems to not do anything, the dialog box just sits there saying connecting to smb://name/share indefinitely until i manually stop connection. AFP connections work fine, its just SMB.. I can type in something bogus like smb://quack and it does the same thing. any ideas Thanks