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  1. Probably, the problem is that celeron does not support support some instruction sets(ssse3), which is required by OS X kernel. So to run OS X on your machine you should either: 1. Replace your processor with 'core two duo' or at least 'dual core', it should be relatively cheap now, and it is not hard to do - I have done that on my hp6720(i have upgraded it from 'dual core' to 'core two duo') 2. Use patched kernel that has emulation for required instruction sets. Last time i have used it on my old desktop computer, with P4. It was patched kernel by nawcom and it was only for 10.6. As for now, I do not know what patched kernel are presented and which of them better( more over - I have no old computer that requires it). Good luck.
  2. Have you patched it for 2a12 (patched kext above is for 2a02)?
  3. Last time I have used 10.7.2 with framebuffer from 10.6.8 - and there was no freezing. From that time I have switched to MBP, so now I can not test how latest versions work.
  4. Brightness patch for 10.5.8 Framebuffer kext(from here) - same as for 10.6 and 10.7. Do not know if it is needed in fact, but even so I made it... Also I have not tested it, but I think it should work. +60 000061cc 8b9614020000 movl 0x00000214(%esi),%edx +66 000061d2 8b8154120600 movl 0x00061254(%ecx),%eax +72 000061d8 83e0fe andl $0xfe,%eax +75 000061db 39d0 cmpl %edx,%eax +77 000061dd 7413 je 0x000061f2 +60 000061cc 8b9614020000 movl 0x00000214(%esi),%edx +66 000061d2 69d284000000 imull $0x00000084,%edx,%edx +72 000061d8 81ca0000ffff orl $0xffff0000,%edx +78 000061de 90 nop Replace bytecode: 8b96140200008b815412060083e0fe39d07413 By: 8b961402000069d28400000081ca0000ffff90 Patched kext AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext.patched.zip
  5. Unfortunately, I can not test right now - I've already sold this laptop (switched to MBP), but I will ask new owner to test this...
  6. ACPIThermal driver development.

    First of all you need to extract all ACPI Tables - There will be SSDT tables, code of thermal zones required to patch dsdt is located in them. Also wold be good to see your IORegistry dump(you can save it from IORegistryExplorer)
  7. Just use framebuffer kext from snow leopard.
  8. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Ok. Now try this one - I have added check in driver to work only for TZ1(according to your ioreg only it has active cooling). Probably it will panic too, but in log will be only info related too TZ1.. Upd: added missing attachment. ACPIThermal.kext_test3_tz1.zip
  9. ACPIThermal driver development.

    IOReg with test1 - looks promising. Try this - probably it will panic too, but I have added some logging - so photo of KP screen and last messages in kernel log(you can see it in Console.app) would be useful to find-out the reason of KP. Also - no need to install it, you can try using kextload utility: sudo chown -R 0:0 ACPIThermal.kext sudo kextload ACPIThermal.kext Good luck. ACPIThermal_test3.kext.zip
  10. ACPIThermal driver development.

    1. You have changed not only dependencies - you have changed bundle ids. So driver is not loading because of wrong bundle ids that did not correspond to binaries. 2. ACPIThermal is not loaded at all - see your IOReg. 3. In post above I have written how you can try to determine place in which KP occurs - just try too add some logging. Also I will say one more time AppleACPIThermal(by Apple) and ACPIThermal(by me) - are completely different drivers, DO NOT MIX THEM.
  11. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Yes it will work with such dependencies too, but - this change only probably(because now target platform is 10.6+) will allow to use this driver on systems older than 10.4(IOACPIFamily version 1.2.0 corresponds to osx 10.4) Also this can not reduce number of KP - because dependency version means minimum version of bundle required to be loaded before driver, for it correct work and can not be reason of KP(except cases when dependency version is lower as required by bundle) So I did not think that there is need of such change in driver dependencies list. About concret KP, the error is "page fault"(form photo) - I think it is because of: wrong try to interpret some object as another completely different object(for example if ACPI return something like package instead of something like number), such error can occur. Anyway, thanks for comments - in discussing we can do more
  12. ACPIThermal driver development.

    I am new in osx driver development, but I think dependencies are correct - see IOKit Fundamentals at page 64. About where dependencies in my driver - I taken them from ACPIBatteryMonitor (which i have used as one of samples at begining of work) 1) AppleACPIPlatform - What are you talking about? There are no dependency to this bundle. It is separate driver NOT plugin for AppleACPIPlatform - and it has no direct relation with AppleACPIPlatform (about legacy AppleACPIThermal - it is plugin) 2) Yes, Pasa Yildirim corected not only dependencies, but also bundle identifiers. 3) Read IOKit Fundamentals. Answer to that post is here (error was not in dependencies! the error was in driver code). 4) read answer to 1. 5) "last fix (16-bit)" does not fix any bug - it only allows driver do not panic when return from ACPI is bigger as it must be(in other words - when return wfom ACPI in invalid). The only changes is: replace unsigned16BitValue method call by unsigned64BitValue and change in type of some variables.
  13. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Dependencies in driver are correct(and incorrect dependencies can not be reason of KP - it is just requirements to load). Of course, there are no KP - because driver is not loading(because of incorrect dependencies). It is not required(this driver must work with old ACPIPlatform.kext as well), but I am using all vanilla kexts when testing it(10.7.x, 10.6.7, 10.6.8). About KP: probably reason can be in wrong return from ACPI methods(When debuging driver, I have KP when I have tried to use 32bit value as 16bit one)... Try to use driver from attachment ACPIThermal-test1 and post your IOReg(from IORegistryExplorer) - it will output(to IORegistry) values from _ACx and _TMP methods in ThermalZone devices. Also try too use ACPIThermal-test2 (it is the same driver as in first post, but all values from ACPI are treat as 64bit values - this can reduce number of KP). Upd: Also about debuging driver - you can add some logging to see at what place in driver KP occurs. For example: If you are suspecting some part of code in KP, so you can add IOLog("Begin part\n") before it and IOLog("End Part\n") after it - and if you are right and error is here you will see only phrase "Begin part" in KP log but no corresponding "End part" after it. In this way we can finout mistakes in driver and fix them. ACPIThermal_test2.kext.zip ACPIThermal_test1.kext.zip
  14. Critical temperature is not used in driver(driver simply reads it and store in IOReg). Now driver takes this values from ACPI, if there are bugs under lion - we can hardcode them in driver or in DSDT. Now I am not using lion, but under snow leopard this values seams to be correct.
  15. Nice to hear, that thermal zones are fixed =) Also, there are no passive cooling implementation in my driver - I think, it is not necessary, but probably not bad thing(but I did not know how to implement it)... About install package - would be great. Also I think new install package for 10.6.8 would be good too. About 6820s: Few years ago I have tried to install OSX on 6820s laptop(for my friend), but there are Radeon x1350 video, and there was no QE/CI - does this already fixed? Also about FB from 10.7 - any ideas about it?