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  1. Under Hardware it says "usb controller present". On the bottom right of the vm where the icons are for hardware components is a wierd icon (i.e. not a normal usb icon), thats gray. When I click it, it gives all the warning message about disconnecting this usb device from the host and connecting it to the vm. However, it then errors out with this message "The connection for the USB device "Toshiba Removable Disk" was unsuccessful. Driver error." Has anyone actually used Time Machine under a vm ?
  2. - This is my first time posting so feel free to tell me I'm doing it wrong. - You guys are amazing, I have a fresh install of Snow Leopard working on my comp now thanks to you, and its running perfectly. It was amazingly simple to setup. Ok so now for my issue, I can't seem to get my external hdd to connect to the vm. I'm trying to access a time machine backup I made on a normal Mac (i.e. hfs+ format). Wanting to isolate the cause I disconnected the hdd and tried to connect a fat formatted thumb drive and that also won't connect. I've googled and read through your forums and come up nothing as this is somewhat of an isolated issue. Any ideas ? host OS: win 7 ultimate