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  1. MegaRAID

    Hi everyone. I was wondering which MegaRAID cards are natively supported? I saw there is the MegaRAID.kext, but are all supported? Also in RAID mode? Looked on Google for hours, but couldn't find any information. Thanks!
  2. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with SL server. The client version runs very good, but when I update to SL server I get random KP after at most 24 hours.....after few days my startupdisk gets quite corrupted and I need to reinstall (luckily I made a restore image and the home directory is on another drive ;-))
  3. D945GCLF2 Snow Leopard

    10.6.2 does NOT support ATOM CPUs anymore, that might be the cause of your problem
  4. Random kernel panics Asus P5B Premium, 10.6.2

    hmm... 30 views and no reply..
  5. Hi everyone, I have looked through the forum but can't find a solution. My hackint0sh works, but not for long. It runs ok for a bit more than 24 hours and than gets a kernel panic (the reason for the kernel panic seems to change every time). So I have set the Mac to reboot every day. This works for a few days. After that, I get either a Kernel panic directly after the bootloader finishes or automatic directly after the bootloader refreshed the cash in an infinite reboot loop. The only way to stop this is to turn the PC off, unplug it for about a minute and reboot. Everything works after that. Do you guys think there might be something wrong with the mainboard? I also got some weird USB things going on: sometimes when I plug in my USB keyboard and turn the computer on, the keyboard starts working (e.g. pressing F8 to enter boot menu) but stops a few seconds after that (for instance pressing DEL to enter setup works, but than in the middle of browsing through the BIOS it stops working). I tried different USB ports, no change. Hope anyone got an idea. If the solution to this is posted somewhere in the forum then I am sorry for the repost, because I didn't find it. Cheers Mainboard: Asus P5B Premium CPU: C2D E7400 2x2GB Ram, Corsair, tested 3x1TB HD, 1x80GB HD (boot HD and Mac OS X), all on ICH8R, AHCI on, JMicron controller turned off, second LAN turned off
  6. ASUS P5B vista ed 1988B + Taruga rev4 = MIC AUDIO IN working?

    I got a P5B and I struggle to get anything else working except 2-channel out. With some of the installers and kexts you will get the more devices in the preference pane, but they won't work. Over the optical and coaxial just comes a continuous sound........ Well, looks like I have to buy some usb sound stuff.