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  1. 10.6.2 on celeron 420/430/440

    celeron 550 doesnt work and atom kernel gives kp
  2. M-Audio makes very nice usb cards i suggest you buy one.
  3. I usually use this site.
  4. Try installing kalyway with sleep kernel and Check this one for your wireless.
  5. System Change to Phenom X4

    Yea that phenom will surely work but you better check out this site Wiki osx86 for compatible motherboard.
  6. Will it work?

    ipc and ideneb both work with that chipset
  7. Thought I might need a theme for my chameleon and since it turned out pretty sweet might aswell share it with you all. Download link here: http://theunlikedone.deviantart.com/art/Be...0-RC1-128361867 Have fun