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  1. Hi, Mig21 Thanks for your guide! Still have a few questions: 1. For the step I, II, III, instead of install the mac os X on the external HD, could we just use the software like Carbon Copy Cloner to make a copy of the internal HD in a Mac to the connected external HD? This would save lots of trouble for getting the installation disk. 2. In the step VI, could we just open the machine and change the HD? As we know, the studio hybrid is so easy to be opened. 3. How could we install the mac os x without ruin the origianl windows vista on the disk? I mean, it should be nice if we could keep two operation system on the one disk.
  2. I had the same problem. When I started it, the monitor only show me the gray background with an Apple. That's it. When i push F8, -v, saw some error message: Error: could not read XML property list for multikext archive entry 26. at the end, I was told: "MAC Framework successfully initiated. using 15728 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers."