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  1. OS X Annoyances

    it really annoys me that when a dialogue box pops up (like Don't Save, Cancel, Save) that you can't switch between the options with the keyboard. In Dreamweaver the default option seems to be cancel but I most always want it to be 'Yes'. I've tried the tab, the arrow keys, how do I do it? Oh wise ones, share your knowledgebases.
  2. OS X Annoyances

    Well this is fine. But not all programs follow these guidelines. I use Azureus and that quits with the X. Surely that is something you keep running. Mmmm, maybe I should be complaining to Azureus about this? Someone mentioned about un-installing programs. From your applications folder you can just drag programs to the Trash and that un-installs them. However, it still leaves some program preferences in your Library folders. You can manually go through and delete this, if you can find them all. Better is an excellent little program called 'Appzapper'. It only costs about $12 (i think) for updates for life and this will find all the stray files that go with a program. It is excellent and I highy recommend it. Cracked programs? I find demonoid.com pretty good.
  3. OS X Annoyances

    couldn't agree more with that. Even windows has that and it's so simple.
  4. OS X Annoyances

    I find it annoying that some programs close when you click the X button, and some just go an hide in the dock. I think they should all close, as the minimize button hides things as well.
  5. OS X Annoyances

    now I'm starting to get worried that we are speaking of something completely different. how about this? I'm on 10.4.7 on a 15" macbook pro.
  6. OS X Annoyances

    No. Just hold alt and drag at the bottom of the column, where the two little lines are.
  7. OS X Annoyances

    to change finder column size and keep it that way. Hold down 'alt' (is that 'option' for you crazy americans?) and drag to the desired size. When you return it stays that way.
  8. Hi all, I'm new here but you may be able to help. I am new to Mac as well but am learning fast on my 15" MBP. An issue that I'm having is whenever I try to change the date and time settings from the clock (top right) I get the spinning ball and have to force quit. If I go through system pref then it works sometimes. I have repaired permissions, verified disk and pram zapped (?) and nothing. I messed around in the Library folders and deleted and renamed, and other things with the DateAndTime.prefPane but nothing worked. What is the difference between HD:Library and HD:System:Library? Why do I need two libraries as well as the third in my main user folder?