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  1. this file i use can sleep 1520,but freeze after wake. put in extra Extra_5.zip
  2. i do all applejack without repair disk,there is no any change,still cant sleep in 10.6.8
  3. my s/e/e file is only the file from yours. plain permission repair do many times after i change dsdt or s/e/e . chameleon2 is download from kext.com ,Chameleon2.0RC5r1140 ram timing is the same. installation is hard disk install,source file is snow leopard 10.6.3 retail.then upgrade to 10.6.7 i will try applejack and report it . thanks LatinMcG .
  4. sorry ,it takes a long time to get my unmodify dsdt. my machine is dell inspiron 1520,a09bios,t5450,8400m gs gpu,2g ram. attached is my original dsdt.dsl without any modify or fix. i have the problem that,under 10.6.7,i use a dsdt modify accord to this post,so i nearly have a perfect osx besides cmos reset and shut down problem.so i used sleep my machine for nearly 2years.but if i change rtc lenth it wont sleep .just the same thing happen when i use LatinMcG 's dsdt and kext. i dont use other kext besides bettery and facksmc. under 10.6.8,no matter i use my own dsdt or LatinMcG 's dsdt ,it cant sleep. so i post my original dsdt .pls help me,thanks very much. sorry for my poor english. dell1520orignal.dsl.zip