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  1. Dave, Is there some sort of compensation that would speed this up? I could really use a couple of MacOS vms on an ESXi 6.5 server. Thanks!
  2. I also have an issue. AHCI installation went great, but i can't boot from the 5th or 6th port. I used this guide: http://www.adminsehow.com/2012/10/how-to-enable-ahci-support-for-windows-on-an-imac-macbook-or-etc/ thanks!
  3. VlaDeMaN

    Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    i would also like to voice interest in this... hell iv'e been looking for one since last summer
  4. thank you for the 64it kext, it worked flawlessly!!!!! but then i upped to 10.6.3, and its not loading up anymore. pfix log confirms this. so is it just me that has issues on 10.6.3, or is the kext broken in this version? could it be modified? im running a toshiba x305-q705 THANKS!