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  1. SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    I am going to try to install SL on my N510 today! I will let you know how this ends. Samsung released a BIOS Update two days ago - unfortunately without the AHCI support. Its simply a BIOS with OEM WIN 7 support.
  2. That's what I found on another website from the netherlands. (google can translate it very well), but nope. still no qe/ci. "OSX86 op de N510, hopelijk wat meer die nu verder gaan met experimenteren en de laatste problemen eruit krijgen Voor installatie is een externe harddisk benodigd, daar de interne niet gezien wordt tijdens installatie! Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van Ideneb 1.6 10.5.8 Tijdens de installatie voor de volgende instellingen kiezen Chameleon v2 bootloader kernel vanilla voodoops2 controller (voor keyboard en muis) ApplenforceATA Apple Yukon2 (voor de bedrade netwerkaansluiting) Nadat de installatie klaar is en de computer aan het netwerk hangt, de applicatie OSX86tools installeren Hierin de resolutie instellen op 1366x768 en Quarts enable. Herstart hierna. Als dit allemaal gebeurd is, dan kan de harddisk weer intern geplaatst worden als je dat wilt. Wat werkt nog niet: Webcam wordt tijdens 1ste boot aangezet voor een eigenaar foto. Daarna niet meer werkend. QE/CI werkt nog niet (hierdoor denk ook de webcam niet). resolutie scherm is 1360x768 ipv 1366x768 Touchpad werkt wel, maar het touchpad als muisknop gebruiken nog niet. Wireless werkt niet, maar dit is op te lossen door het plaatsen van een dell truemobile kaartje (bijv de 1390) Veel succes"
  3. May I ask you which kexts did you choose? Thanks.
  4. Yea! I just got my N510 today and I am really looking forward for any osx86 results on the 510!
  5. Well, I downloaded a "OS X 10.5.6 retail dvd" torrent. All I know is, that the DVD was part of the "mac book air" box, because when I boot it from windows, it wants to install a software for providing the dvd player through airport and stuff. Sounds like a restore CD, huh? Edit: Well it doesnt say much, but it is the most seeded torrent for a retail OS X version.
  6. I get stuck when I need to type in "9F". Nothing happens after that - because I guess 9F is the wrong adress. I tried it with several ISOs (original retail, ideneb, kalyway, JaR...) (btw. I will have a original OS X retail dvd tomorrow) Edit: Finally made it. It boots from the retail DVD iso file. but gets stuck: http://i40.tinypic.com/f42tcg.jpg Nothing happens after that.
  7. Thanks a lot! Thats what I were looking for. But I just have a OS X 10.5.6 Retail version in *.dmg. VM ware doesnt support *.dmg-files, thats why I tried to convert it to *.iso Didn't work out really well - VMware does not boot from it. Well, that was before I read your guide. I am going to give it a try (I did not signiso when I tried it) today. I also try to get a original retail DVD.
  8. Thanks for the answers. I really want to try these leopard templates out, but I am pretty confused by the thread - my english is not the best, and I don't see which part of the thread is the guide for installing it, what's new, and so on. Seems like it changed a bit, because the post got edited several times. So could you please do another summary for me? That would be great. Thanks for your help! Best wishes.
  9. Hey, I have a Leopard 10.5.5 (iDeneb) virtualization workin on my vmware 6.5 my specs are: i7-920 - hyper threading = off ; to keep 2,6 ghz for each core. 6 GB DDR3-1066 ram. vmware 6.5 boot leopard as FreeBSD with two cores and 1,5 GB ram. Leopard is not on my windows partition. I also typed in platform=X86PC Leopard is really slow - It is almost impossible to work with (firefox etc.). Playing soundfiles is impossible. Leopard is repeating the same 10 milliseconds like 10 times before playing the next 10 milliseconds, and so on. 10.4.6 is pretty fluently - no lag in playing audio and using safari, even though using just one core of the processor and 1024mb ram. but Tiger is not offering screen sharing in iChat - the reason I need to have Leopard. Any advice? Best wishes, Thio