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  1. I nuked this post because I finally figured it out: If you accidentally install 10.6.2 with SleepEnabler still in place or in the kext cache, and have no backup install, mount your boot drive on another Mac or Hackintosh running 10.6, delete the offending kext, and run DD's install script (but just the option to rebuild the boot cache) and you'll be up and running. It seems dead simple now, but I think my horrendous flu is short-circuiting my brain.
  2. Ok, but can I build it in 32-bit Snow Leopard?
  3. Nope, I guess that's why I asked if I missed something stupid! Now I feel dumb. How can I do it now? I tried booting with the -f flag, but that resulted in a KP too. Edit: Will DD's buildcache script run in Leopard?
  4. I never use sleep so I simply deleted sleepenabler and updated to 10.6.2, but it's still panicking on boot (sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler etc) Did I miss something stupid? How can I fix this?
  5. I love you so much, Emelio. 64-bit SL is at 100% now! Finally got audio working thanks to your DSDT and HDA kext. Woohoo! Now to image this drive so if I break something I can restore right to it. And FYI, I am still using Chameleon, I just put the DSDT in /Extra/ and used KextUtil to install LegacyHDA.kext. Kinda messy but it works!
  6. Sorry, I'm still a bit unclear. If I replace my DSDT with that DSDT, audio should work? Does that post's DSDT include the CMOS reset fix et al?
  7. What? The audio kexts in DD's script are 32-bit only. Audio 4) AppleHDA.kext 1.4.0a23 i386 1.2M /System 5) HDAEnabler.kext 1.0.0d1 i386 36K /System
  8. This thread is a bit tricky to follow, so I'll just ask: Has anyone gotten audio working successfully in 64-bit Snow Leopard? If so, how?
  9. I straight-up replaced AppleHDA.kext and HDAEnabler.kext with the ones from the post you linked, and they replaced the ones installed by DD's script. Are there any other I should be on the lookout for, or what? It's still not working, sadly!
  10. Those kexts don't work for me. Tried just AppleHDA.kext and both, but neither way worked. System Profiler says there's no built-in audio. Used Kext Utility to add to S/L/E
  11. I continually somehow break 32-bit Snow Leopard on this machine somehow... something about migrating my files from the old install to the new one makes it hang at boot. Anyway, 64-bit works fantastically well, everything except audio. Thanks to LocusOfControl for the 64-bit LAN kext, but I can't seem to find what I need to get audio going. I just need stereo out from the green jack in the back. Any help/tips/kexts are appreciated!
  12. I can't get Ethernet working. I've done multiple installs and according to System Profiler I'm booted into 32-bit. Audio works, but Network preferences doesn't recognize either Ethernet port. All it shows is Firewire, and when I click add it only shows me FireWire, VPN, PPPoE and 6 to 4. Any ideas? I downloaded the newest script installer and noticed that it installed AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext instead of RTL1000K.kext or whatever it was before. But neither driver seemed to work for me, I just can't get it going. Would anything break if I installed SL to a second HD while booted into 64-bit Snow Leopard on a different drive? I didn't see any errors in the script, and it's just Ethernet that's not working. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Sheesh... weird problems. Now my system won't boot in 32-bit, which is kind of useless since audio and networking both don't work. 64-bit boots nicely, but whenever I add the boot flag "arch=i386" booting hangs indefinitely after some com_parallels_kext_prl_vnic_device_0 stuff. I don't think that's what's hanging it up though, but I have no idea what it could actually be. Any advice to get it going, either networking/audio in 64-bit or normal 32-bit? Damn Hackintosh, giving me issues! Edit: I guess I'd be all set if I got my networking working in 64-bit... I hear it's possible when using PC_EFI, is it?
  14. I did something that I thought would work... turns out nope! I have a VelociRaptor drive that I had Leopard on, so when I installed Snow Leopard I used this guide and installed it to an extra drive I had laying around. The install went well, and I was booted off it and updated to 10.6.1 just fine. I then used Migration Assistant to copy over all my apps/settings from Leopard to the extra drive and it worked. Then, since the VelociRaptor is much faster, I tried using Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the extra drive to the VelociRaptor. Then I ran the install script and installed Chameleon RC3 and made the partition active. Tried booting off of it, and it hangs forever after some seemingly random messages. I can boot fine into single user mode, but it never gets past the boot sequence otherwise. Attached are the last messages I see before it hangs, the ^C^C^C^C etc is me seeing if I can magically make it work