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  1. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    Valv, can you implement support for two ati 5770 cards like Kabyl's bootloader? His lets you run two 5770's in crossfire (even though crossfire doesn't work under osx). Basically his will show both cards in "slot-1" upon boot, and shows both in system profiler. Where as your bootloader boots fine, but when osx loads, any attempt to run finder or system preferences, just completely locks up the system.
  2. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    I'm currently using kabyl's bootloader as it lets me use two ati 5770's in crossfire. Tried your bootloader, and it works, but like some of the other loaders, if I have both cards in, it will completely lockup finder and system preferences. It detects both cards fine though in system profiler. If I use only one card, it works 100% fine. Any ideas?
  3. Dual XFX HD 5770 1GB

    Ya, I have two xfx ati 5770 cards running in crossfire in my hackintosh, all works fine, just use Kabyl's boot loader. I attached my boot and plist for you. Just make sure you have these three items in your plist, change the gmode to whatever your resolution is: <key>AtiFb</key> <string>Vervet</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> It may boot to a bluescreen that lasts for a minute, just leave it sit and it'll kick in after a minute or so. Downloads.rar
  4. Here's the ioreg dump Dump.ioreg.zip
  5. Kabyl, Just wondering what the difference is between your bootloader and the other one in this forum for ati cards? Yours detects both my ati 5770 cards, and they both work (with crossfire bridge still attached too) but it doesn't show all the profiler info properly. Where as Mohamed's bootloader detects both cards correctly, shows ALL profiler info correctly, BUT won't work with both cards, only one. You can peek here at my post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1548901 Any ideas how to combine both? That way both cards work, and also show all the profiler info correctly Thanks.
  6. ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    Mohamed, Just wondering what the difference is between your bootloader and the other one in this forum for ati cards? Yours detects both my ati 5770 cards, shows all info properly in system profiler, etc. But with yours I can't get two ati 5770 cards to work in the system, it always freezes Finder/System Preferences. But with his bootloader, both cards work (with the crossfire bridge still attached too), but it doesn't show all the profiler info properly. You can peek here at my post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1548901 Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. ATI HD 5770

    Success!!! I now have two xfx ati 5770 cards working! Using Kabyl's bootloader here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231768 and with the Vervet framebuffer in plist. Also the original extracted xfx ati 5770 rom in /Extra Here's my plist, I believe it was the inclusion of the GraphicsMode line in plist that made it work, as I tried before without it, and it didn't work, but all works now. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-v</string> <key>Theme</key> <string>Default</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>AtiFb</key> <string>Vervet</string> <key>Wait</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1920x1080x32</string> </dict> </plist> Upon booting in verbose, I see that it only identifies one card in "Slot-1" even though both are plugged in. Could be because I still have the crossfire bridge attached, not sure. In OSX, it shows both cards detected in profiler, but doesn't show all the info. Also, it doesn't show ANY info about the cards in the "PCI Card" section in Profiler. Everything seems to work though so far, full hardware acceleration QE/Ci, etc. Will test more and see, but so far so good, all seems working great with two ati 5770 cards
  8. ATI HD 5770

    I also have 2 xfx ati 5770 cards, I tried the emelur framebuffer, but doesn't work. The same problem happens with two 5770 cards. Both Finder and System Preferences will not load, they completely lock up, but other programs will work. Vervet works perfect with ONE 5770 card, but no luck at all with two 5770 cards, always the Finder/System Preferences freeze. My guess is that they won't work until 10.6.5 comes out, as the new macpros 2010 versions (the new macs that are sold with the two 5770 card option), have newer ati drivers than the snow leopard graphics update apparently. So it must be something in the new mac pro drivers that allow the two 5770 cards to work properly. If someone out there has access to the 10.6.5 beta or access to the new macpro 2010 install dvd, then peek at the newer drivers and see what's missing for two 5770 cards to work.
  9. ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    Has anyone managed to get two 5770 cards to work?
  10. ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    Works good here with XFX Ati Radeon 5770 with Vervet. I have 2 XFX Ati Radeon 5770 cards, if I use just one, everything works 100% fine. If I put in both cards, it recognizes them both fine in system profiler, but if I try to launch Finder or System Preferences, it locks up both of those apps completely. Will you be adding support so we can run two 5770's ? (I know crossfire isn't supported, but two 5770's are supposed to be possible) any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Dual 9800 GTX 512 Working in OSX86!

    Any idea how to do this with 2 ati radeon 5770's?
  12. [HowTo] X1600/X1800 Full Support (Borisbadenov Method)

    Ya, I have the same prob with the dashboard, and also, some games crash on me now after updating with 3.2 of the installer, is it possible to go back to the 2.7 installer? Does that have the older opengl frameworks as well in it?
  13. Jas 10.4.6 to 10.4.7 Update x86 at the demons

    Any news on the AMD version of the 10.4.7 patch?
  14. [HowTo] X1600/X1800 Full Support (Borisbadenov Method)

    no no, i mean the full patch that apple just released
  15. [HowTo] X1600/X1800 Full Support (Borisbadenov Method)

    Smoothbooty.... I have an ati x1800xl, I used the 2.7 installer,rebooted, worked perfectly, 100% res changes, support, etc etc...but now, suddenly everytime I boot, it goes to just whitescreen and crashes..BUT if i boot using -v option at boot, loads fine..No idea why. Once the AMD version of 10.4.7 patch is available, will patch and try again with the 3.0 version see what happens.