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  1. ultrasoul

    [HELP] Natit or Titan best? Confused

  2. ultrasoul

    [HELP] Natit or Titan best? Confused

    Hey guys, Appreciate if someone can recommend one of the two for the Nvidia Go 7400 card as there isn't that many threads on it. Thanks. Also, if I use either one, do I need to know it's device id? Seems not (but correct me if im wrong). thanks (also, if there's a thread for step-by-step installlation, i really appreciate it)
  3. ultrasoul


    Finished installation and got it to boot but after choosing network options, the screen then becomes blue with that rotating black circle-shaped thing (like the one at the beginning of the white boot screen with the apple logo) for more than 10 minutes now. Is this supposed to happen? I'm testing it out on a M1210 Core 2 Duo machine with Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 with the patched DVD (pf1). Is this supposed to be happening? I didn't choose the 10.4.4 login screen and Titan option. Thanks for the help EDIT: Fixed this problem by choosing "I have no internet connection". Hope this helps other folks too.
  4. ultrasoul

    -- How to Upgrade the Kernel -NEW VERSION/UPDATED

    Does this liveupdate install beta 9 for us sse2 users? thanks.
  5. ultrasoul


    thanks man. however, when i checked out that link, it seems like it's just an update to 10.4.8 and not the 10.4.8 kernel hope sb knows how to guide me to updating my sse2 kernel.
  6. ultrasoul

    Easy Update to 10.4.8

    Appreciate any help that I can get regarding my problem. I have 10.4.8 thanks to Jas' combo update but I still have the old kernel and would like to update it to the 10.4.8 kernel. Does anyone know how to do it? (been reading this thread and im lost). thanks
  7. ultrasoul


    i have an sse2 inspiron 6000 running 10.4.8 Jas (from the combo update) but have the old 10.4.4 kernel. do you mind sharing how do you update it to the 10.4.8 kernel that you are proposing to do. cheers
  8. my current system is an sse2 machine with the old kernel (10.4.4) running 10.4.8 thanks to Jas' combo update. Do you have any idea how do i update the kernel to 10.4.8 without a clean install (or can/should i use beta 9 instead?) thanks
  9. ultrasoul


    Does this DVD have the latest kernel for sse2? (i think that's beta 9 ...) cheers
  10. ultrasoul

    10.4.8 - 8.8.1 - beta9 - AMD SSE2 running

    Is sse2 beta 9 of the kernel ready for primetime for those of you who have it already? cheers ps: can sb give it to me? thanks
  11. Same here. Have already installed the Jas 10.4.8 combo update but I'm still running the old kernel on my SSE 2 machine. Can I still use the steps described above to get things to work? Cheers
  12. Finally solved it by running password manager to change the root password. Everything fixed Although I'm still having problems with any video playback with Quicktime 7.1.3 and iTunes ...
  13. Yes I do. Even if i leave it blank nothing will work. Here's the whole story. Big thank you to the person who can help me I have been away to uni for some time now and was back recently and updated my 10.4.7 machine to 10.4.8 using Jas' SSE2 Combo package from Demoniod. It seems like I was in a rush or just plain forgetful but I just installed the package without using Pacifist or backing up the kexts and kernel, or even reparing permissions right after the install. Now, I'm plagued with several issues- like being unable to open certain programs (like Disutility), unable to mount images, and even use the sudo repair permissions from the terminal because my password keeps getting rejected. I took BikeDude's advice to repair premissions via the boot disk and have done so but this hasn't changed a bit.
  14. I booted using the DVD and ran Disk utility and repaired permissions. Everything looks fine there but when I reboot, I still have no permission to open Disk utility in OS X, use any sudo commands as it still says I have the wrong password! Any help appreciated
  15. Hey guys, I knew i should have but I forgot to repair permissions via the terminal before the reboot after installing the 10.4.8 Jas SSE2 only. Tried if after the reboot but no go as it keeps coming back as invalid password?! Anyone know how to help a fellow guy one? Cheers