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    Cypress PS2 Trackpad kext

    I have vanilla Mavericks installed on my XPS-12 (i5 rather than i7), and my experience is similar to yours. Cursor jumps all over the place and opens menus like crazy. Looks like our Cypress pad is not exactly like the one installed in the 13 and 15.
  2. Yeah, WiFi doesn't work for me either, even with the -f option. Have to resort to wired Ethernet. Sure hope somebody can figure this out. I don't mind the shutdown bug since I simply choose 'restart' and turn the 6500 off at the dual boot menu, but I miss the wireless for sure. --Dan--
  3. But how do you get the WiFi to hold without the -f switch? Or did you simply put the switch in your plist? --Dan--
  4. I'm getting a kernel panic when booting after updating to 10.6.4. Even safe mode won't get me into the OS: "Version mis-match between Kernel and CPU PM" @/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1504.7.4/osfmk/i386/pmCPU.c:706 --Dan--
  5. I followed the PDF instructions precisely on my clean formatted E6500. The one thing I did differently was use Disk Utility to repartition my disk with 2 partitions using MBR method. I formatted partition 1 as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and partition 2 as MS-DOS so I can later install Windows 7. But after installing SL I ran into trouble after the second restart. I cleaned my Extra folder and copied all the contents of the "Extras_for_E6400_E6500" there, then ran the Kext Utility. It successfully performed all the repairs. Then I powered down. Surprisingly, it did not hang but truly shut down the power. When I powered back up I got to the high-rez Chameleon GUI where I saw only the selection for my Mac OS disk. But when I select the small text in upper left of the screen reports "mach_kernel not found," and the selection screen returns. I cannot get past this loop. Any tips? *** Edit *** Never mind. After installing Windows on the other partition and running EasyBCD I was able to boot into SL. My sound works without the Voodoo Preference Pane, so I left it at that.
  6. Leppy, I used the beta ISO you PM'd me last week (I was out with swine flu until today), but I was a boob. I thought the boot disc included the SL files, and I was trying to access the installer from that disc instead of switching out my SL retail DVD. I can be an idiot sometimes. Once I came to my senses the install went flawlessly, even allowing me to transfer my settings from the LEO partition. Congrats and thanks immensely! -- Dan --
  7. I have Nvidia graphics, and I'm at BIOS A07. I tried your boot CD but I get a panic as the installer tries to load every time. I tried with dual core both off and on. Dan
  8. I've tried umpteen times to install SL on my D820 using just as many suggested methods. I can always achieve a nominally successful installation, but a reboot always generates a kernel panic. Leo 5.8 performs flawlessly, but I had about given up hope that I could run 10.6 on the Latitude. If you come up with an install CD that gets me past that KP I'll be over the moon.