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  1. ChapterTool

    Bummer, unfortuately I DL'd the VM pre built and no installation CD's. I guess I will have to resort to trying to decrypt the M4A's and see if I can't reverse engineer a Linux app that will create them. I know there are many people who would benefit from that. Digital ...
  2. ChapterTool

    Has anyone sucsessfully run ChapterTool in OSX via VMWARE. When I run chaptertool I get the following error: dyld: library not loaded: /system/library/frameworks/applicationservices.framework/versions/a/frameworks/coregraphics.framework/versions/a/coregraphics referenced from: /system/library/frameworks/appliactionservices.framework/versions/a/applicationservices reason: no suitable image found. did find: /system/library/frameworks/applicationservices.framework/versions/a/frameworks/coregraphics unknown file type, first eight bytes: 0xCE 0xFA 0xFE 0x07 0x00 0x00 0x00 I want to be able to create Podcasts with Chapter Markers and since there doesn't appear to be any software for Linux or Windows I had to resort to this. If anyone can help me resolve this error or point me to a software that can do the same task in either Linux or Windows I would really appreciate it. Digital ...