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  1. OK, I can confirm that I have a B202 with the Jmicron jmc250 ethernet chip. There is currently no support for this in Mac OS X or the osx86 community as far as I can tell. Also I have tested the Apple USB>Ethernet dongle and it works great. I managed to hang the machine by pulling it out while active, but I kind of expected that. Over and out Kaos
  2. no idea mate. I can tell you that I used an Asus USB-N13 wireless N adaptor on a clients MacBook Pro (dead Airport) the other day and it works well. they are pretty cheap and mac drivers are available, seems to be based on a Ralink chipset, so not 100% Mac like, but works fine. If you don't want to pull your box apart that might be an option. Kaos
  3. Hey Haddocks- I've ordered the Apple one that goes with the MacBook Air. Snow Leopard has built in drivers for this device so it should work ootb. Also I don't think the ethernet chip is replaceable like the wireless card. Here it is http://store.apple.com/au/product/MB442Z/A It's a 10/100 device so yes it's slower, but I don't care, I just need a cabled connection. If you're interested, I'll be using it as a Zenoss data collector to monitor an external network. www.zenoss.org
  4. Thanks for this awesome guide, my B202 has been the easiest of the 4 Hackintoshes I've done! Unfortunately I have a machine with a JMicron ethernet controller. I haven't been able to figure it out from the BIOS, but I'm pretty sure it is a jmc250 part from reading some Linux forums. There are linux drivers here ftp://driver.jmicron.com.tw/jmc2xx/Linux Is it possible we could get someone to create a kext out of this? I have no idea how difficult this might be........ It's not a big deal as I have ordered an Apple USB - Ethernet dongle which I expect will work but it would be nice to not need extra hardware. If you have any ideas to help me achieve this in software I'd really appreciate it! No, I can't really use wireless for the application I am using........ regards Kaos
  5. agentofkaos

    GA-X58-UD5 Sleep issue with 10.6.2

    sorry I haven't tried yet. The post linked above is pretty full on so I need some time with the machine when I won't be 'helped' by my 3 year old. I will post when I have some results, thanks!
  6. agentofkaos

    GA-X58-UD5 Sleep issue with 10.6.2

    Thanks Ryan! I'll give this a go and report back Adam
  7. this is a new build, and sleep has never worked. I have tried Sleepenabler 10.6.2 and disabling appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext appleintelcpupowermanagementclient.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext JMicronATA.kext The only clue I have is in logs- Jan 17 16:30:28 tests-Mac-Pro loginwindow[40]: loginwindow SleepWakeCallback WILL sleep Jan 17 16:30:29 tests-Mac-Pro configd[14]: PMConnection mDNSResponder com.apple.powermanagement.applicationresponse.slowresponse 1092 ms I have tried every method I can find to fix this issue, so any help would be much appreciated. specs GA-X58-UD5 mobo ATI HD 4870 flashed to Mac 3GB Apple 1066mhz RAM i7 920 CPU WD Green Power 1TB drive install method- Digital Dreamers script What happens? When I select 'sleep' from the Apple menu, the display goes to sleep but all of the fans in the machine stay on, and the 'activity light' goes to solid blue.
  8. agentofkaos

    Mac flashed HD4870 in Hackintosh?

    ahhh, that makes a lot of sense Thank You!
  9. agentofkaos

    Mac flashed HD4870 in Hackintosh?

    I've built a couple of Hackintoshes but haven't been able to find an answer to this one. When building my new rig I figured that the best compatibility would be if I got a 1gb Radeon HD4870 and flashed it to Mac specs. My ideal result would be not to have to add any 3rd party kexts etc. It didn't work- the machine won't start up without aty.kext installed. Can anyone post a link or a short explanation about why this is faulty logic? Would buying a real Apple video card achieve this aim? thanks Kaos
  10. can you bond or team ethernet interfaces in Mac OS X? Yes, but as a previous poster said you need a switch that supports it. can it increase your afp transfers? No, apparently afp will only use one interface even if they are bonded Can I use 2 internet connections on a Mac at the same time? yes, but unless you run router software, or can use the command line you won't have much control. If you want to use 2 internet connections simultaneously, get a Netgear fvs336g or Linksys equivalent. This will give you fast downloads, and reasonable control over what goes where. want fast video transfers over ethernet? use iscsi and openfiler
  11. I would like to buy one of these machines to test, but it looks like I will have problems with either of the optional video cards. You can buy it with Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD or ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3650 - 512MB both of which seem to have compatibility problems at the moment. 2 questions 1. does anyone have this machine running properly? 2. which video card would be more likely to work fully in the future? I have done a lot of searching, so any help would be much appreciated Kaos